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9 Tips for a Safe and Fun Halloween Party on Your Artificial Grass

carved pumpkin and trick-o-treater on artificial grass

Whether you’re trying for tasteful, or your goal is maximum ghoulishness, Halloween is one of those times when you can go all out to plan a fun and memorable party. Even though summer has said sayonara, the weather may still be warm enough to use the artificial grass in your backyard as Party Central. It’s looking lush and inviting (as always), and it’s party-hearty.

So what can you do make this year’s Halloween a real blast?

1. You’ll need a theme

  • “Halloween party” is just a bit vague, don’t you agree? So get more specific to give your guests a preview of your party’s flavor. Then go all out to make every aspect of your bash truly monstrous. Themed decorations – for example, plain or painted pumpkins and gourds. Or baskets of apples. Or spiders and cobwebs, indoors and out. Black cats. Skeletons. Ghosts. Fake body parts (think mannequins, please!)
  • Themed food – finger snacks or full hot buffet featuring root vegetable soup, black linguine or other black-and-white dishes. And don’t forget dessert – a tall Devil’s Food cake layered with pumpkin frosting sounds good.

2. Scare them right off the bat

Welcome guests with a haunted house set up on the artificial grass in front of your house, or as a lead-in up your front walkway. Don’t forget the weird sounds and lots of LED lights that blink off at random times.

3. Make it a costume party

Well, of course. Halloween is known as everyone’s favorite costume ball.

Since you’re going to be partying at least in part outdoors on your fabulous artificial grass, consider the fact that your guests might want to wear warm costumes.

4. Make it scary movie night

Hang a sheet from the fence, or move your big-screen TV outside under the overhang. Rent some creepy classics suitable for the age of your guests. Pop up huge bowls of popcorn and other movie night must-haves. Set up a beverage bar with hot cocoa and condiments suitable for kids and adults. Watch just one horrifying show or binge-watch the night away.

5. Roast marshmallows around the fire pit

Or make s’mores – with orange-colored marshmallows.

6. Throw a punch

No, not that kind of punch, we’re talking party-friendly, thirst-quenching, sipping drinks, with or without alcohol. Check here to find recipes for everything from Witch’s Brew and lemon “slime” to ghostly white punch and tart cherry eyeball highballs (you’ll never guess what the “eyeballs” are made from).  

7. Tell scary stories

Who needs Hollywood when you can create your own entertainment? See who can tell the scariest story in just 3 minutes or less.

8. Games, anyone?

If you made the smart play and installed a backyard putting green or bocce ball court, why not transform that turf into a party game? If your Halloween party includes lots of younger kids, using whiffle balls and golf clubs will ensure their safety and your turf’s, too. (Besides, these lighter-than-air alternatives provide plenty of creativity for adults as well as kids.)

If your grass is lawn only, set up Halloween-themed games such as “pin the spider on the web.”

9. Don’t forget the party treats

If you have games, you’ll want to offer prizes. Better yet, why not create individually-decorated trick-or-treat bags filled with candy to hand out as guests leave. After all, they gave up their annual door-to-door candy canvass to attend your Halloween party!

Put your feet up and have another glass of punch

 Or perhaps just one more piece of candy corn. You can relax after your party, because thanks to your artificial grass, clean-up is a breeze. Now . . . what sort of party should you throw for Thanksgiving?


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