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Holiday Guests & Artificial Grass: Dos And Don’ts


outdoor holiday party and guests do's and don'ts on artificial grassNo need to roll out the red carpet for your holiday guests this year. You cleverly made the switch to artificial grass some months back, so you’ve got the prettiest green “carpet” on the block, ready-made to welcome guests and entertain them, too. It sure looks nice, doesn’t it?

Artificial grass is as tough and durable as it is pretty and luxuriant. Nonetheless, if you’re expecting holiday guests this season, there are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind, to protect your lawn so it remains in tip-top condition.


Spend as much time as possible outdoors as you can, given good weather, of course. From occasional family games to entire parties, your artificial grass is ready to play host whenever you are. You won’t even have to waste a lot of time prepping it. Last year, your natural grass lawn would have looked seriously bedraggled by the time the holidays arrived. Dull or dormant, bare patches, perhaps in need of that last mowing you never got around to. This year? Perfection.

Take a moment to appreciate the fact that artificial grass is not only always beautiful, it’s always functionally presentable as well. Since there’s no dead grass or mud, there’s no messy debris to sully your guests’ footwear. And no mess for them (or your kids, or the dog) to track into your home.

Rejoice further, confident that if it rains, your artificial grass will drain away that moisture and dry pronto – ready once again for whatever festivities await.

Decorate! Celebrate the season with lighted displays or whatever makes you happy. Do not, however, use anything that requires staking for stability. Punching holes in your artificial grass will land you on the Naughty List, because that permanently damages the backing. You love your AG – caring for it kindly will help it last for many, many holidays to come. And there are lots of ways to decorate without requiring stakes.


Not to play the role of Grinch during this joyous season, but there are a few cautions to keep in mind regarding your artificial grass – things that will ensure your lawn retains its famously fluffy composure. For example:

  • Do not allow guests to smoke on your lawn. Smoking isn’t only bad for their health, it can be bad for your AG’s health, too, if a hot ash or cigarette butt were to land on the turf. Fake grass doesn’t burn in the flaming-up sense, but it will melt. So smoking only in designated areas, please, or not at all.
  • Do not allow guests to park on your lawn. (Surely your friends and family members have better manners than that!) Fake grass is one tough cookie when it comes to fending off high traffic, but cars? That’s just too much. (That said, perhaps you should consider expanding your parking area next year, using a handsome combination of permeable pavers and artificial grass.)
  • Do not worry about female guests in high heels. If you still had that natural grass lawn, you’d be afraid to let women step foot on that surface, knowing their heels would sink right in. Twisted ankles, wrecked footwear, not the kind of party fun anyone has in mind. But that’s all in the past. Your artificial grass is soft and sturdy underfoot – dig-proof for dogs and gophers and moles, and punch-proof for those spiky Jimmy Choo creations.

Since it’s party season, we want to end on a positive note, so we have one more tip for you. DO use your artificial grass as a party favor for guests. No, don’t give everyone a little piece of turf, give them an invitation to next year’s first annual bocce ball or putting content, right here in your back yard. After all, switching to synthetic turf for your lawn has been such a resounding success, we’re pretty sure you’ll want to add a bocce court or putting green soon.


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