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Dos And Don’ts Of Lawn Decorating With Artificial Turf For The Holidays


Dos And Don’ts Of Lawn Decorating With Artificial Turf For The Holidays http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/dos-and-donts-of-lawn-decorating-with-artificial-turf-for-the-holidays @heavenlygreens

Some people go wild decorating their front yard for every holiday or special occasion. Others wait till the year-end holidays and then go all out. No matter how wild or restrained you’re feeling this year, there are certain dos and don’ts when it comes lawn decorating if you have artificial turf.

DON’T drive stakes or pegs into your artificial turf

That doesn’t mean you can’t put decorations on your front lawn, though. Some things are naturally stable, such as sleighs or reindeer, but you can also find any number of metal, wicker or plastic figurines, huge ornaments, etc. that are weighted in the bottom so they will stand upright on their own. Think snowmen and giant wrapped packages or religious decorations such as angels and nativity scenes.

This adorable pop-up snowman has a weighted base that’s perfect for artificial grass. You could light him with a small spotlight from the ground, or put some fun lighted springs in his “hands.”

DO let your inner decorator be inspired

Tired of doing the same thing every year? Here are 75 new holiday yard decoration ideas that will surely inspire you. For example, instead of festooning columns, fencing and doorways with traditional garland, use strings of pinecones. Or intertwine garland with the cones or strings of fake (weatherproof) red apples. Or skip the usual blue for Hanukkah or red and green for Christmas and choose an entirely different color scheme. Of course you’ll want lights, too. Lots of lights!

 DO beware of inflatables

Inflatable figures and ornaments are popular, but they aren’t a good match for your artificial turf. They are so large and lightweight that they require support to keep from blowing away. The pegs – something like long tent stakes – will damage your lawn. If you have inflatables, place them in other areas around your yard -- along the perimeter of your artificial grass, or tucked in among shrubs or under trees.

DO make it a family affair

You can buy virtually anything you might want to transform your home and property into a place of holiday splendor. But this is a time of family togetherness, so why not consider a few DIY projects you can do with the kids? This example from Home Depot will help you create some lighted tree cut-outs – or candy canes, giant cookies, wreaths, or other holiday symbols for that matter. But you’ll need to make one important change if you want to place the trees on your artificial grass.

Instead of attaching your trees to stakes, give them feet. They can be X-shaped (like Christmas tree lots often use), or an L or T shape. You can use this simple trick to stand any flat figures on your fake grass without damaging it. Place a sandbag, concrete block, or container of water over the feet for extra stability. Or attach a small box to the back at the bottom and fill it with rocks. And for a fun design variation, try covering your cut-outs with fake grass instead of painting them. 

Inexpensive synthetic turf is fine for projects like these, rather than the prime quality products you would choose for your lawn or backyard putting green. You should be able to find cheap fake grass at a box store.

DON’T forget your front walkway and porch

Lawn decorations greet passersby, but decorations that lead people right up to your front door say “Welcome!” These “gift box topiaries” are a real eye-catcher. You can buy them at significant expense, or you can easily make your own. Instead of buying a doormat, use artificial grass, cut into the shape of a holly leaf.

DON’T worry about killing the grass

Artificial turf lives on and looks, no matter the season. So, when the holidays are over, it will be easy to refresh your lawn.


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