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Achieve These Beautiful Pool Styles with Outdoor Artificial Grass

4 Gorgeous Pool Designs to Try with Outdoor Artificial Grass

outdoor pool artificial grass

Pools and outdoor artificial grass are like swimming and summer— absolutely perfect together.       The following qualities make synthetic turf better than natural grass for poolside applications:

  • Non-slip when wet
  • Doesn't need toxic chemical treatments
  • No dirt, mud or grass clippings that'll make it into the water
  • Fantastic drainage 
  • Looks like beautiful, natural grass around the pool
  • Resistant against high foot traffic
  • Pet- and kid-friendly
  • Weather-resistant
  • Soft and gentle underfoot

Furthermore, installers can also fit synthetic grass around pools of any size, shape and style. Focus on turning your pool area into your dream getaway without the stress and hassle of caring for live grass!

Brilliant Pool Style Ideas for Your Synthetic Yard

  • Lap Pool

In-ground lap pools get inspiration from Ancient Rome's public baths. As a result, these pools usually have a long rectangular shape with green grass delineating the edge. 

Try using artificial grass for a pool deck surrounding the lap pool. The vibrant, green shades provide a striking contrast to the water while emphasizing the style's natural vibe. 

  • Free-Form/Lagoon Pool

A free-form pool looks like one of those natural rock pools you find by the ocean from afar.  So if you're aiming for something really rustic, this can be an excellent fit for the aesthetic you have in mind. 

Many pools in this style have rocky edges, which can be unsafe when wet. Improve safety by integrating artificial grass along the sides of the pool. This gives people a more stable footing because concrete and stone can be very slippery when wet. 

  • Swimming Pond

From above, this style looks like a kidney or a bean-shaped pond. In addition, the edges are usually made of stones to mimic the natural look of real ponds. Using synthetic grass around your pool deck is easier than trying to grow live grass around it because installers simply have to cut and fit the turf into place.


  • Natural Pool 

Finally, this style features a natural-looking pool surrounded by lush gardens and edged with cascading plants. 

For this design, you usually need to leave enough space between the pool and the plants. Not only will this prevent the plants from drowning in chlorinated water, but it also protects the pool from muddy footsteps. Integrating outdoor artificial grass around your pool can help create that barrier without minimizing the style's visual impact.  

Design the Perfect Pool Area with Artificial Grass

Make your pool area feel like a private getaway with artificial grass! At Heavenly Greens, we can help you integrate synthetic turf flawlessly with the rest of your pool landscape.                   Contact us today to receive a free quote!

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