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Reduce the Risk of Playtime Injuries with the Best Artificial Turf for Dogs

Green, grassy yards may look beautiful, but they present dangers to your furry friend. Things like grass seeds, fleas and ticks and invisible fumes from pesticides can seriously harm your pet. Unfortunately, many pet owners may not even be aware of these dangers until too late. 

The best artificial turf for dogs is one of the most effective ways to solve these issues without compromising the beautiful yard you know and love.

Protect Your Dog from These Common Backyard Injuries


The soft surface of artificial turf helps prevent scratches and scrapes when playtime gets a little too rough. You can also use the best artificial turf for dogs to cover things and areas that can injure your dogs. For example, you can have expert installers lay it down flush against the sharp edges of your fence.

Torn or Broken Nails

Injuries to your dog’s nails are common, especially if they're rowdy and prone to zoomies.The risk of them breaking their nails is higher on yards with hardscapes, like concrete, asphalt and wood. These materials are hard and unforgiving, seriously harming paw pads and nails.

Artificial grass blades are much softer than hardscapes, so they don't do as much damage to your pet's feet and nails. Pet turf also won't get muddy and slippery like natural grass. Your pets won't tear up their paws if they slip while playing in the yard even if they don't have claws!

Skin Infection

Grass seeds and burrs can get stuck on your dog’s paws, burrow under their skin and cause an infection.Grass seeds are sharp and will easily embed themselves into a pet’s foot or between its toes. They can become infected, which will be painful and may even require surgery.

Burrs are dense balls of plant material that can stick to your pet’s fur. They can cause discomfort by pulling at your pet’s fur and skin and, in some cases, may even cause an infection.

Artificial grass does not contain grass seeds and burrs. So your pets will be safe from these types of injuries.

How the Best Turf for Dogs Can Prevent Your Pet from Getting Sick

Aside from injuries, dog owners also love artificial grass because it can keep their pets safe from these health conditions:

Tick Infestations

Ticks are a serious threat to your pet's health and they can carry harmful diseases, including Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, both of which can be deadly.These parasites feed off blood and attach themselves to their hosts by getting into the skin. Dogs with tick infestations typically suffer from lethargy, weight loss, low blood pressure and poor coordination.

Ticks thrive in moist, overgrown environments like natural lawns. Synthetic grass never stays wet enough to attract a tick population, unlike traditional grass. It only needs water for the occasional cleanups and it also remains short, which doesn't give ticks any hiding place.

Flea Infestations

Natural grass is a breeding ground for fleas as well. These parasites can carry tapeworms and are notoriously difficult to eradicate once they've taken hold.They can be uncomfortable or painful for your dog. Still, fleas are also carriers of serious diseases that can infect humans. Dogs can pick fleas up from other animals or roll around in natural grass with flea eggs and larvae.

Artificial grass for dogs doesn't host fleas because the parasites can't thrive on its surface. It also doesn't attract pests that carry fleas, like rats and raccoons.

Heat Stroke

Heatstroke is a life-threatening condition that can happen to dogs, especially those with long hair or thick coats. High temperatures and humidity can cause dogs to overheat, resulting in respiratory problems, kidney failure, heart attacks and death.

Natural grass and hardscapes absorb and emanate heat. On hot days, they can raise the temperature of your yard to dangerous heights, which is not a danger with synthetic grass.The best artificial turf for dogs doesn't retain heat and you can cool it down whenever you want by hosing it with water. Don't worry about puddles forming on your turf. Artificial grass has drainage holes that efficiently get rid of water, pet urine and other moisture.

Chemical Poisoning

Pesticides and weedicides can help keep your natural lawn healthy. However, these chemicals can be dangerous for your dogs.They leave behind toxic fumes and residues on the turf. And if dogs inhale or ingest them, they can suffer from various health issues, such as vomiting, nausea, seizures and even coma.

With artificial grass, there's no need for you to use weedicides, pesticides and other chemicals on your lawn. It looks good all year round with minimal upkeep, so your dogs are never at risk from exposure.

Allergic Reactions

Some dogs are susceptible to allergic reactions. Pollen from grasses, weeds and other plants can trigger various symptoms, like the excessive licking of paws or itchy skin, sneezing, vomiting and diarrhea.

Artificial grass does not produce pollen and cannot trigger an allergic reaction in your dogs.

Turn Your Yard Into a Safe Haven With Outdoor Turf for Dogs

Your dogs are a part of your familyand that means keeping them safe and healthy. Artificial grass can be a great way to help you do just that.

If you have any questions about what kind of synthetic turf might be right for you and your pet, contact Heavenly Greens. We can help you choose and install the best pet turf for your yard.

Just give us a call at 1844-287-5876 or send us a message online. We'd love to hear from you!


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