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Why Artificial Grass Is Becoming More Popular


Why-AT-Becoming-More-Popular-Blog.jpgArtificial grass is more popular than ever. And it continues to gain momentum. No wonder! Fake grass is a landscaper’s dream come true. At first, many people were skeptical. They couldn’t get that old original Astro Turf out of their minds. And no one wanted anything like that in their yard! But the Big Drought descended and refused to let up. Out of desperation, residents and commercial property owners began to replace their lawns with artificial grass. They had no idea they were starting the hottest new trend in decades.


The more synthetic turf installations that appeared, the more obvious it became that today’s fake grass is an entirely different species. Many different species, actually, because artificial turf comes in a wide range of specialized varieties. Thousands of people who weren’t comfortable pioneering artificial grass grew to love what they were seeing. And they wanted in on the benefits.


They wanted to save water – and money

With water conservation uppermost in everyone’s mind, ditching thirsty natural grass for a waterless alternative simply made sense. Property owners who switched started saving significant sums on water. And they quickly realized they were saving in other ways, too.


Without that demanding lawn, they could eliminate all the work and expense associated with maintenance. No more hazardous chemicals to pollute the watershed and endanger family members and pets. No more air pollution from mowers and other equipment. Thanks to artificial grass, people were not only saving money and time, they were helping save the environment.


They wanted safer play spaces for kids of all ages

Athletic fields. Public parks and playgrounds. Flooring for backyard play structures. Artificial grass can do all that. It’s proven to reduce athletic injuries compared to natural grass ball fields. And our Heavenly Greens FallSoft installation technology reduces risk of playground injuries from falls as high as 5 feet.


They wanted something more dog-friendly (and dog-proof)

A lot of dogs love to dig, and every dog has to “go.” A natural grass lawn is no match for these doggie activities, and the results are not pretty. Artificial grass, on the other hand, brings pets and their owners together in harmony. It’s both pretty and tough. Dogs can’t dig holes in it (and neither can moles, gophers, or other critters). And when Fido does his thing, it takes just a quick pick-up and rinse to refresh the grass.


They wanted a cleaner house

Artificial grass eliminates natural lawn “by-products.” There is no dust or grass clippings to track indoors during the summer, and no mud and other debris to track in during the winter.


And let’s face it: they wanted a better looking yard

Artificial grass is extremely popular around the South Bay Area because it looks great. It always looks fabulous, every day, all year long. Virtually no one could make that claim about their natural grass lawn. A reliably lush, green landscape improves your home’s curb appeal and your personal pride of ownership. It can even boost your home’s value, if you want to sell someday.


For all these reasons, the popularity of faux grass has soared in recent years.


But, wait . . . there’s more

That’s because gaining a more beautiful, functional lawn and the related benefits is just the beginning. It didn’t take long for people to discover the full versatility of today’s fake grass. It’s perfect for landscaping where grass doesn’t work – between pavers, in deep shade, etc. It’s perfect for balconies and rooftops. You can use it on walls, or “plant” it indoors.


In other words, artificial grass has personality. Maybe that’s why it has become so popular.

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