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Designing an Artificial Putting Green


Designing-An-Artificial-Putting-Green.jpgAn artificial putting green can be a godsend if you want to perfect your stroke and keep your game on point. Many avid golfers are installing artificial putting greens in their back yards in an attempt to help them not only improve their game, but relax after a long day at the office. Parents of teenagers who are learning to golf can also benefit from designing a putting green for their home. It gives their teens an edge and helps them to stay focused if they play on a school team. The key is designing the right artificial putting green for your particular needs.


The size of your artificial putting green will depend on two things. The size of your lawn will be a key factor in how big you can make your putting area. The other factor that will determine size will be what you intend to achieve. Are you looking to practice various types of putts and chip shots or are you trying to improve your short stroke? Once you know what you want to accomplish and have determined the amount of space you will need, then you can begin to design your green.

Level of Difficulty

Once you know the amount of space you have, you can then decide on the level of difficulty. Do you want to include a slight slope or angle? Do you want to be able to work on shots that have a certain degree of difficulty when it comes making long putts? The level of difficulty you choose can be built into the putting green so that you can shoot from almost any angle and still be challenged.

Special Features

Add a small sand trap or dip in the design. When you design your putting green you have the choice of adding many different features that can increase the difficulty of the putt or create the types of challenges you need to work on if you want to improve your game. If your putting green is large enough, you can add multiple holes so you can shoot from different directions.


Artificial putting greens can be designed in almost any shape. Shapes can be chosen to replicate your favorite hole at the local golf course. Curves and hills can provide a more than sufficient degree of difficulty. Recreate your favorite hole or add special features that will help you improve your game. Focus on areas you need to work on and then talk to your local landscaper to find out what shape or design would work best to help you achieve your goals.

Choosing the Right Turf

Once you have the right size and shape, the next step is to choose the right type of artificial turf for your putting green. Artificial turf companies have designed a product that meets the special needs of golfers. The pile is similar to that of natural grass on gold courses and simulates the same ball play as on the putting greens at the course. The height and texture of the blades, the type of infill and the cushion of the surface need to be as close to that found on the course as possible, especially if you are trying to fine tune your stroke and improve your game.

If you choose to put an artificial putting green in your backyard, make sure it is everything you want and more. You can create a putting green that meets or exceeds the standards you decide on. The design you choose will beautify your property while at the same time helping you to achieve your goal of a better swing and improve your putting skills.

Create an artificial putting green

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