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Artificial Turf Is Growing. . . In Popularity for Summer Cookouts

Artificial Turf Is Growing in Popularity for Summer Cookouts http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/artificial-turf-is-growing-in-popularity-for-summer-cookouts @heavenlygreensWhat’s more fun than a summer cookout? Having a great and gorgeous lawn to hang out on while your burgers, brats or steaks are being grilled to perfection. That’s the vision everyone’s mind turns to this time of year, because you know Memorial Day is the official start of BBQ season. Will your lawn be in tip-top shape to receive all those extra guests? It will, if you switch to artificial turf.

It’s time for a change.

Synthetic grass is growing rapidly in popularity with homeowners who are embarrassed by the less-than-inviting appearance of their lawn despite the seemingly endless work they put into it. It’s growing in popularity with homeowners who are sick and tired of throwing away money on chemicals, gas and oil for their mower, etc. And it’s growing in popularity with homeowners who have correctly deduced that trying to maintain lush natural grass in an ongoing drought is simply not sustainable. Learn about the true cost of natural grass.

Do any of these homeowners sound like you? No doubt.

When you install artificial turf, instead of spending time on grass-centric yardwork, you’ll have more time for fun – like summer cookouts in the backyard. Instead of spending money on yardwork supplies, you can upgrade your cookouts from hotdogs to ribeye. And that’s just the beginning. Faux grass comes fully-loaded with practical benefits:

  • It’s non-toxic and hypoallergenic.
  • Grass stains become a thing of the past.
  • Moisture drains right through, whether it’s a spilled drink, pet urine or that oh-so-rare rainfall. You can give it a quick rinse if needed, and it will dry fast.
  • It looks just like the real thing, and the soft, “grassy” texture is just right for wiggling your toes or a short session playing in the sprinkler.

With artificial grass in place, you can focus on hosting the perfect cookout.

Rosé wine is the hottest trend in summer beverages, so be sure you have plenty on hand to offer adult guests. For that matter, cold drinks of all types will be in great demand, so give your wheelbarrow a scrub and fill it with ice to serve as a portable cooler. And be sure to put out boxes or tubs to recycle bottles and cans.

Bon Appétit magazine recommends that if you want to grill veggies, do them ahead of time so you can restock your charcoal or turn up the gas for grilling meats at a higher temperature. And speaking of meat, take a few minutes before your BBQ gets underway to compute overall cooking time (charcoal or grill heat-up + cooking + resting), so you’re sure to get started early enough.

Don’t forget to have plenty of vegetarian options on hand. Your guests will appreciate your consideration, and let’s face it – veggies are good for everybody.

No summer cookout is complete with games.

And here’s another reason artificial turf is growing in popularity – it’s more than just a pretty green face for your landscaping. It’s an ideal play area for kids and pets, so you can set up cookout games where the younger ones can run and romp to their heart’s content while the adults relax.

But it gets even better. Along with using artificial turf to create an always-perfect lawn, you can use synthetic grass to design and build your very own putting green, bocce ball court or other custom play area. Now we’re talking.  

So here’s to your new artificial grass and a summer-full of cool cookouts and other fun. When your family or guests are too stuffed or played-out to move, you can all sit around and watch the grass “grow.” And you can bask in the glow of popularity, knowing your switch to artificial turf has made your house The Place to Go for cookouts this summer.

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