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Creating Play Spaces In Your Backyard For Everyone In The Family


Creating Play Spaces In Your Backyard For Everyone In The Family  http://www.heavenlygreens.com/creating-play-spaces-in-your-backyard-for-everyone-in-the-family @heavenlygreensWhy have a backyard if you aren’t going to enjoy it? Sure, you want a good-looking garden so your view out the window is always a treat, but outdoor play time is fundamental to our California lifestyle. And once you replace your natural grass lawn with artificial grass, you’ll have a lot more time to get outside and have fun.  

Artificial grass is so versatile, it can help you design specialized play spaces for every member of your family. Here are just a few suggestions . . . 

But first, check the calendar! Barbecue season is upon us, and that means you’d best be getting your yard ready for all that grilling. Maybe it’s time to finally formalize your outdoor culinary efforts with a built-in kitchen. That’s the perfect play space for any chef de grill. And an outdoor kitchen makes hosting parties so much easier. 

Perhaps a putting green is in order

Backyard putting greens used to be a luxury only a few folks could afford. Thanks to advanced varieties of artificial turf, it’s a lot more affordable to design and install a putting green that fits your space and your skill level to a tee. (Yep, we even have a golf turf just right for a backyard tee box, so you can practice your big swings as well as your short game.)

Not into golf? You could install a backyard bocce ball court instead. Fun for all ages.


What’s more fun than hiking over to the grade school to play on the swings and other outdoor equipment? Inviting your young friends over to play on your very own backyard playset. Creating a just-for-kids play space at home means fewer worries about your child’s safety when they’re out and about. 

And speaking of safety, when you install artificial grass as “flooring” under your child’s playset, you’ll be increasing their safety even more. That’s because we can install your grass with our FallSoft technology, which reduces risk of injury from falls as high as 5 feet.


Four-legged family members want to get in on all the backyard action, too. But dog owners have to contend with some extra considerations when it comes to grass. Fortunately, artificial grass from Heavenly Greens is the ultimate in dog-friendly. So many of our customers are pet owners (or owners of professional dog-related businesses), we have artificial turf designed specifically for dogs.

It’s tough as dog nails, dig-proof, quick and simple to keep clean, and fends off odors. We have faux grass for lawns where dogs will play with the rest of the family.


Nothing says backyard play like a pool. And nothing makes the space around your pool soft, cool, and slip-proof like artificial grass. Surrounding your pool with faux grass instead of concrete is a lot prettier, too. 

Less yard work means more yard play

Frankly, escaping from lawn maintenance is one of the two main reasons home owners switch to artificial grass. Yes, you will save thousands of gallons of precious water, and that’s a huge plus for our environment and your household budget. But, even the most avid gardener isn’t keen on all that mowing, etc. required to tend natural grass. Even if you kick back and do nothing in your backyard, at least you’re doing that because you want to, right?

Nonetheless, although you can do nearly anything on or around your faux grass, there are a few things you should avoid doing. With those few simple cautions in mind, you and your family will be ready to get outside and make the most of the play spaces you’ve created in your backyard.


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