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What Should I Avoid Doing on My Artificial Turf?

Hg -aviod-on-turf-blogArtificial turf is extremely durable and easy to maintain but it is not bulletproof. While it requires very little ongoing maintenance, there are a few things you will want to avoid in order to ensure your lawn continues to look its gorgeous best for years to come. With that in mind, here are some tips for working on and around your artificial grass.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

We don’t say that it’s impossible for artificial grass to fade or stain, but you will find your synthetic turf to be amazingly resilient. For the vast majority of life’s little mishaps – spilled paint, for example – there are simple ways to clean your turf. That said, there are a few products that can cause serious damage.  

Artificial grass is made from nylon, polyurethane, or polypropylene, sometimes in combination. These are petroleum-based products, so they should never be exposed to harsh chemicals or oil-based paint that can degrade or damage the materials. If the grass does come in contact with these chemicals, the result may be permanent stains or discoloration that leaves the grass looking faded in areas.

Manufacturers of top-quality artificial turf back their products with extensive warranties. Nonetheless, they typically limit coverage under certain conditions such as exposure to harsh chemicals. In some cases, this can entirely void your warranty.

No one wants that, but prevention is easy. If you’re going to be using oil-based paint, harsh chemicals, gasoline or turpentine-based products for a household project, keep those products away from your lawn.

Avoid Exposure to Open Fire or Hot Coals

The materials used in the construction of artificial turf are not flammable – that is, they won’t flare up and burn. But plastics do melt if exposed to high heat. If you install a firepit or permanent barbecue, be sure to construct a buffer of concrete, brick or other hardscape material between the pit itself and your artificial turf. That way errant embers or sparks from hot coals will land harmlessly rather than damaging your lawn. Our Heavenly Greens installation techs can advise you regarding the proper amount of separation space.

If you use a portable gas or charcoal grill, set it on the patio away from your grass. This will prevent hot grease splatters or an escaping piece of piping hot food from landing on your lawn and damaging a spot.

Avoid Puncturing Your Artificial Grass

You can install a volleyball set-up, build a haunted house or decorate your front lawn for the holidays, but do not use stakes or anything else that will punch holes in your turf’s mesh backing. If you plan to add permanent structures such as swing sets, light posts and fencing posts that require deeply-buried posts after your turf has been installed, consult our pros to learn how you can do so without damaging your grass.

There are also other things that may pierce or cut the mesh fabric. Sharp twigs, tree limbs or other debris may damage the backing as they fall or are blown in. after a storm, pick up debris as soon as possible, and inspect the grass as you do so. If you find any problems, give us a call to arrange a repair.

Quality artificial turf is exceptionally tough and durable. But it can be damaged if you are careless. And accidents do happen, no matter how careful you are. Knowing what your warranty does and does not cover, and taking steps to avoid preventable problems will protect your investment. You can be confident your artificial grass will look beautiful and perform beautifully for many years to come.  


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