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Best Backyard Volley Ball Sets For Artificial Turf


Playing volleyball in backyard on artificial turfArtificial turf makes an excellent play surface for all sorts of backyard games. And one of the games we, Californians love most is volleyball. So getting together an at-home game on your artificial grass makes perfect sense. But first, you’ll need the right equipment, because you don’t want to damage your synthetic turf by randomly punching holes in it. So let’s look at the best volleyball set-ups for fake grass.

Choosing the best gear

It’s easy to find volleyball sets for every level of play, from highly competitive to family-friendly fun. For backyard play, we assume you’re more the casual to semi-serious type. Nonetheless, you have two choices:

  1. A strictly portable set-up that uses weights to hold poles, tensioning ropes, and boundary lines in place. These recreational packages come with everything you need, all neatly stowable in a carry bag for transport and storage. Or, instead of weighted equipment, you can buy a wheeled set-up that just rolls into place when you’re ready to play. These self-weighted units are designed to withstand an endless barrage of volleyball hits, and they come apart for storage.
  2. If you’re more permanently devoted to volleyball, you can talk to our experts here at Heavenly Greens about installing in-ground sockets, or sleeves, to hold your volleyball poles. The sleeves have caps, so they sit safely flush with your artificial turf when volleyball isn’t the game of choice.

Either of these choices allow you to have as much volleyball time as you want and still use your artificial grass for other types of backyard games. 

As you’re choosing the best equipment for your home, you will want to consider factors such as the weight of the poles – for ease of carrying them and setting them up, but also for sturdiness during play. And you may want to look for nets that are adjustable for men’s, women’s, or co-ed play. Adjustability will help smaller kids join in the fun, too.

How fancy do you want to get?

Once you’ve selected the right net-and-pole configuration for your synthetic turf, you can customize your volleyball set-up any number of ways. Beyond choosing your favorite color for net borders and boundary lines, you can go all out, by adding:

  • Edge guards for your boundaries
  • A perimeter enclosure for your court
  • Lighting for nighttime play

You could even go really crazy, with your own referee stand and scoreboard. Or not.

You can fudge the size, or choose a smaller-footprint game

Perhaps your property is large enough to accommodate a separate, permanent volleyball court, but most yards aren’t that big. Who cares? Just because a standard volleyball court is 30 feet by 60 feet doesn’t mean you can’t play in a smaller area. Your fake grass lawn will be happy to double as a court surface.


You might also consider less space-intense alternatives such as badminton or tetherball. The point is to have fun. In fact, you can buy fake-grass-appropriate equipment that can be easily adjusted for either volleyball or badminton.


Naturally, artificial is best

Regardless which volleyball set-up you choose, you’ll be glad you chose artificial turf for the playing surface. It’s plenty tough for active play, but cushiony enough for the occasional falls and bumpy landings that are part of the volleyball experience. Heavenly Greens installations are never slippery, even when wet, and if rain does interrupt your game, the moisture will simply drain away and turf will dry quickly.


Best of all, no matter how much you play, your grass always looks perfect.

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