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Time To Check And Repair Outdoor Yard Games Equipment


outdoor yard games checked and repairedThe weather is getting warmer, and the days are getting longer. It’s definitely time to get your outdoor yard games equipment back into play. You don’t want to miss a minute of fun, just because you weren’t prepared.


Unfortunately, the first step in yard games preparedness is doing something about your yard. Yes, it’s also time to ramp up your seasonal lawn renovation efforts. Ugh – no fun and games there. You could spray paint it green. That would do wonders for its appearance – at least from a distance – but it won’t improve the lawn’s playability.


No wonder your neighbors have switched to artificial grass.


Artificial turf puts you several steps ahead of the game

With always-gorgeous synthetic grass already in place, you can skip all that lawn maintenance stuff and get right to the good stuff – tuning up your outdoor yard games equipment. That certainly promises more summer-long fun. And with artificial grass, your family and guests never have to worry about allergies ruining a good time. 


Spruce up last year’s favorites

Spread your yard games equipment out on the grass and hose it off. Wipe it down with sudsy water to get rid of accumulated dust and dirt from outdoor or garage storage. Anything broken that needs to be repaired or replaced? Anything look a tad run-down that needs a new coat of paint? Git ’er done, as they say.


Pump up the pool toys, beach balls, etc. (Hint: covering hot, hard coping with cool, soft artificial grass makes your pool prettier and softer on the feet.) Of course you don’t need a pool to bring on the water games. Hook up the hose and check out your arsenal of water guns to make sure they’re clean and ready for action. Thanks to your artificial grass, you can have fun all day with no worries about water puddling up and creating a mess of mud and grass clippings to track into the house.


Do you have special play area(s) for the kids or the dogs? They need a tune-up too, to ensure everything is ship-shape and ready for maximum good times. The swingset, jungle gym, etc., should have Heavenly Greens FallSoft® turf flooring that protects from falls of up to 5 feet.


For the dogs, it’s synthetic turf installed with the proprietary Maxx-Flow drainage system. This artificial grass is soft and cushy for a canine snooze, with great footing (and tough-as-dog-nails durability) for rambunctious play. Water never puddles, and clean-up is nothing more than a quick pick-up and rinse.


Consider new additions to your “fun fleet”

Create agility course obstacles for your dog. You can move them around in different formations. Little kids love to play in and on them, too. Or how ‘bout a new trampoline, or disc golf set? Croquet, badminton . . . there’s no reason you can’t play these games on artificial turf, just uses weighted nets, wickets, etc., instead of stakes.


For the ultimate outdoor yard games, why not make plans to install your very own bocce ball court? Or a custom-designed putting green? Synthetic turf makes it feasible, fun, and virtually maintenance-free. And isn’t that what backyard games should be all about?


No outdoor activities are complete without the post-game barbeque, so be sure that equipment is cleaned up and fortified with a good supply of charcoal or gas. Then let the games begin!

Create an artificial putting green

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