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Top 5 Games You Can Play On Your Artificial Grass This Spring


Putter and ball on artificial grass ready for games in springParents are thrilled when spring arrives, because you can send the kids outdoors to play. The dogs, too. Finally, some time to myself, you think. But in your heart you don’t want to stay cooped up indoors, either. It’s definitely time to challenge your gang to some lawn games. Keep it in the family, or invite friends and neighbors over for an early-season barbeque plus fun on the grass.

With artificial grass, you can entertain with confidence

No need to panic about the miserable state of your lawn. No need to waste time and money on last-minute (and futile) efforts to give it a make-over. Heck, no. You are a leader when it comes to homeowner foresight. You’ve washed your hands of lawn maintenance by installing faux grass. It looks as great today as it did the day after installation.


It’s lush and fluffy – exactly the right length. It doesn’t even puddle-up when it rains, thanks to Heavenly Greens’ proprietary drainage system that speeds water away so grass dries quickly. Your lawn is ready and waiting, so bring on the games. The five we’ve listed below are perennial backyard favorites.


What do you look for in a fun lawn game?

  • Easy set-up that doesn’t require a lot of time or equipment
  • Appropriate for both adult and kid skill levels
  • Entertaining and challenging to play
  • Fun to watch
  1. Wiffle ball

It’s the kinder, gentler version of baseball that (almost) plays like the real thing. You can field teams of virtually any number of players, of almost any age. And your insurance agent will be happy you’re not likely to accidentally hit a home run through the neighbors’ windows (or your own). 

  1. Cornhole (bean bag toss)

All you need is an inclined board with a hole in it and some bags filled with dried corn or beans, and you’re ready to play. The idea is to toss the bags into the hole – first one to sink 21 bags (or you can set some other number) is the winner. If your game includes young players, you’ll want to even the odds by giving them a closer “starting line,” but everyone can compete. Keep the competition challenging by moving the starting line farther and farther away as players gain skill.

  1. Ball games (fetch)

Play water balloon dodge ball, or toss around a beach ball, baseball, frisbee, etc. Include your dog in the game, too, unless he’s a ball hog. Some dogs just don’t get the “taking turns” message.

  1. Golf

Oh, yeah. Artificial grass isn’t just for lawns, you can install a custom-designed putting green to perfect your short game at home. If your personal putting green is still on the drawing board, create a series of mini-golf structures you can place around your faux grass lawn.

  1. Bocce

Bocce ball is all the rage, and artificial grass is all the rage when it comes to backyard bocce courts. While you’re deciding where to put your new synthetic turf bocce court, you can create your own version of lawn bowling. Fill 10 2-liter plastic bottles with water and use one of the kids’ soccer or basketballs to mow them down. Want to play at night? Put a colorful glow stick inside each of the water bottles.


It’s amazing what kind of games you can find at a toy store for play on artificial grass. And let’s be honest here – while many of these games are meant for children, we know your inner kid is just dying to join in the fun.

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