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Why You Should Buy Artificial Turf For Your Dog

Why You Should Buy Artificial Turf For Your Dog http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/why-you-should-buy-artificial-turf-for-your-dog @heavenlygreens

It’s been said that dogs are man’s best friend. If this is the case, then why are so many pooches stuck inside for much of their lives, or corralled in tiny yards? Give your dog the room he deserves to run around and be the great pet he wants to be with artificial turf. This alternative to concrete and dirt can give your yard a new look, while providing adequate space for your dog to enjoy the freedom of the outdoors in a hygienic way.


Artificial turf for dogs has many advantages as an alternative solution to natural lawns. It’s easy to maintain, never requires mowing, and with a squirt of the hose once a week you can keep it fresh and smelling great for your dog. Artificial turf is also kinder to your dog’s health because it's pest free and doesn’t attract fleas, mites, and ticks the way natural grass does. Everyone is now hopping on the bandwagon and installing artificial grass for dogs. If you want to maintain a beautiful lawn with less time and water resources, try installing a synthetic lawn for your dog.


A Fake Lawn = A Doggie Treat

Think of a fake lawn as an extra treat for your lovable pet. You can reward your dog by investing in a synthetic lawn for your backyard. Artificial turf looks and feels just like real grass, your dog won’t even know the difference! Your dog deserves a comfortable environment to roll around on without getting dirty all the time or destroying the natural grass. Also, synthetic grass for dogs helps fight odors; this will provide a cleaner and safer environment. Worried about cleaning up doggie messes? The infill used in fake lawns is non-toxic and there are urine drains that go right through with no odor. Muddy paws and yellow grass spots are a thing of the past when using synthetic lawns for dogs.


Another advantage of artificial turf is that your dog will get more exercise and be more active because he will have his very own space to run around and just be a normal dog. This is especially important if you live in an urban area where noisy dog parks and hot sidewalks are the only alternatives.


Dog and Eco-Friendly Artificial Turf

Not only does artificial lawn help your dog stay clean but it is eco-friendly! Don't worry about toxins that can build up on natural grass and soil from things like fertilizer spray or harsh chemicals used to prevent pests. Your pet can avoid allergy attacks because artificial turf doesn’t have any pollen to contend with. Fake grass also:

  • Reduces water resources – No need to water artificial grass because it looks great year-round with virtually no maintenance. Save your water for giving Fido a bath or filling up his favorite pool.
  • Eliminates harmful pesticides – Artificial grass repels all kinds of pests, from insects to rodents, so there is never a need to use pesticides that can make your pets and family sick.
  • Reduces pollution from gas powered lawn mowers – One of the best aspects of installing artificial turf for your dog is that you never have to use a lawn mower to maintain the look of your yard. This reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Is 100 % recyclable – Need to replace the artificial turf at some point in the future? No problem. Our field turf is recyclable, so you won’t need to worry about adding to the already growing landfills in your town.
  • Is durable and stain resistant – Artificial turf is perfect for the pet who loves to dig up the yard. In fact, it helps to curb this habit. No more yellow urine stains or bald patches of grass either. Your yard will look beautiful even if your dog happens to be rough on it.

Be sure to learn more about the options you have available to you for installing artificial grass for your dog. The experts at Heavenly Greens are here to help you. We make perfect lawns possible.

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