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Artificial Turf Means No Poisons Near Your Kids Or Pets


AT-Means-No-Poisons-Kids-Or-Pets-Blog.jpgAs parents, we can’t help but be concerned about our kid’s health. Pets, too – after all, they’re also part of the family, aren’t they? One of our biggest fears is toxins – those poisonous chemicals that can sneak into our skin or lungs without us even seeing them. It can make a parent feel helpless. But did you know that switching to artificial turf can make your yard much safer for kids and pets?


It’s true. Synthetic turf has been around for decades. During those years science and technology have transformed artificial grass into a far different product than the original Astro Turf. It is now amazingly realistic in look and feel, and it’s safer than ever. The health effects of synthetic turf have been studied over and over again, here in the US and in other countries as well. The results? No poisons near your kids or pets.


Myths persist about infill

The infill material we use here at Heavenly Greens differs somewhat, depending on the type of installation. For example, you want a different “footing” under your putting green than you’d want under your lawn. By and large, though, the infill we use is a combination or sand and rubber. It is entirely non-toxic, not harmful to kids or pets, even if they were to swallow it.


Perhaps you’ve heard that the sand can cause lung disease. This simply is not true. Silica that is dangerous is a virtually invisible dust. The sand in our infill is similar to what you’d find on the beach. Or that sand trap on the 6th hole that keeps snaring your golf ball. There has never been a report of illness or injury caused by breathing, touching, or swallowing artificial turf infill.


Because safety is always our #1 concern at Heavenly Greens. We use a special type of underlayment for children’s play areas. This system is not only poison-free, it protects little ones from falls up to five feet. For that reason, it’s called FallSoft.


You can’t say that about real grass

Maintaining a natural grass lawn requires a menu of poisons:

  • Herbicides to get rid of those annoying dandelions and other weeds
  • Insecticides to get rid of white flies and chewing bugs
  • Fungicides and anti-bacterial sprays
  • Fertilizers


In fact, Americans dump something on the order of 8 billion pounds of these chemicals on their lawns and play fields every year. Yes, that’s billion with a “b.” On top of all that, there are the “natural” poisons in the grass itself that can cause allergic reactions in both people and pets. The itching. Sneezing. Watery eyes. And the drugs to address those symptoms.


FieldTurf – the top-quality brand of artificial turf we use – is also proven to be physically safer to plan on than natural grass.


There’s more to backyard safety than installing faux grass

The facts show artificial turf is not harmful to two- or four-legged family members. No poisons, reduced risk of injuries. We know that’s a relief. However, there are other potential dangers lurking in your backyard.


Many of our customers install artificial grass around their pool, because it’s cooler (and certainly prettier) than concrete or other traditional surrounds. And it’s not slippery when it gets wet, so it’s safer. But should you be installing other safety features around your pool as well? And then there’s your barbecue. Grilling is a summertime tradition, but you don’t want to cause a fire or get burned.


Thankfully, with artificial grass and some other common-sense safety precautions, your kids and pets will be safe from poisons and other backyard dangers.


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