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Artificial Turf Is Safer Than You Think


Artificial Turf Is Safer Than You Think http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/artificial-turf-s-safer-than-you-think @heavenlygreensThere has always been a huge debate as to the safety of artificial turf. In the beginning, one of the biggest worries had to do with the increase in sprained ankles and minor injuries that resulted from cleats and shoes sticking in the fabric. Over the years, however, many of the concerns, whether they had to do with chemicals or cleats, have been resolved due to advancements in the technology used in manufacturing both the fabric and the final product, the artificial turf.


No Chemical Exposure

The materials used to manufacture the fabric that makes up the artificial turf have been proven safe for playgrounds and playing fields. When crumb rubber was introduced, many people were concerned that as the rubber began to break down, hazardous chemicals would be released, much like when the tires were used on the road. Tests and years of scientific research have proven, however, that the breakdown of the crumb rubber does not produce any kind of health threat to humans or their pets. Other infill materials have been proven safe as well. Some even contain elements that help to fight bacteria, preventing it from spreading if a child is sick or biological matter ends up on the turf and degrades.


Germ Free

Many artificial turf companies claim that their turf is actually germ resistant. The fact is, certain brands of fabric used in the construction of artificial turf do contain a variation of colloidal silver. This type of silver is effective at controlling the growth of bacteria and preventing its spread. The amount of silver found in the fabric is extremely small, but so is the risk of potential germ growth. Many of the germs that live outdoors cannot live for any length of time without a source of nutrition, so the number of germs found on the turf at any given time is not significant enough to pass an illness from one person to another.


No Hazardous Chemicals

One of the best things about having an artificial turf lawn is there is no need for any chemical support whatsoever. No weed killers are needed because there are no weeds growing in the lawn. Because the blades of the artificial turf do not grow, there is no need for any type of fertilizer. There is also very little need for strong pesticides. With no surface soil in sight, there is very few place for bugs or rodents to thrive or even survive. Children and pets can play on the turf for hours without fear of coming into contact with any type of chemical residue. Learn more about the health problems associated with lawn chemcials.


No Uneven Areas

One of the safest aspects of artificial turf is that the surface of the turf is smooth. Unlike natural grass that has ridges, holes, dips, and divets, the surface of an artificial turf lawn is level. While there may be small dips that would match the roll of a normal lawn, the turf will not have holes or ruts forming in areas with heavy amounts of foot traffic. Children can run to their heart's content and play on swing sets without fear of tracks being made that would eventually turn into a tripping hazard.


For all of the comments that have been made about the safety of artificial turf, years of study and research have proven that artificial turf is safe for children and pets to play on. It is safe to be used in the home as a decorative tool and it can even be used to cover furniture for use inside or outside of the home. Whether you want to run, sit, eat, lay, or play on it, artificial turf is safe for all who intend to use it.

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