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What Are The Benefits Of Zeofill Infill For Artificial Turf?


What Are The Benefits Of Zeofill Infill For Artificial Turf? http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/benefits-of-zeofill-infill-for-artificial-turf @heavenlygreensZeofill is a form of infill that is 100% natural. In its natural state, zeolite contains small silica crystals. Before it is used as an infill material for artificial turf, the jagged pieces of silica are removed, leaving behind the lighter weight elements of the zeolite. There are many types of infill available to choose from. Sand, sand/silica mixtures, pea gravel, and crumb rubber are all common choices for infill when homeowners choose to install artificial turf. Zeofill is one of the few options that has benefits across the board when it comes to being non-toxic, odor efficient, and water friendly.

Controls Odors

Zeofill has the ability to help control many odors associated with a natural lawn. Pet urine, for example, as high levels of ammonia and uric acid. When a pet urinates, the Zeofill absorbs the fluid, filtering out the liquid and neutralizing the ammonia and other components that cause odor. When the area is rinsed, the water is also absorbed by the Zeofill and then gradually released as it dries out, continually diluting the ammonia and other odor causing elements.

Aids in Drainage

Zeofill is porous and is full of small holes. When Zeofill gets wet or is exposed to moisture, it will the draw the moisture in and then gradually allow it to drain away. Another benefit that Zeofill offers when it comes to drainage is moisture control. Controlling moisture helps to prevent insects from breeding and mold from becoming a major problem. Zeofill can also help prevent the spread of bacteria.


One of the main benefits for homeowners with pets and small children is that Zeofill is non-toxic It will not cause a surface reaction if it comes in contact with the skin, nor will it cause reactions if inadvertently ingested. Both children and pets run the risk of ingesting small amounts when they lay on the ground or play in the yard.


Does Not Produce Dust

While some dust may be present during the installation phase, Zeofill does not produce any dust once it is in place. During the production of Zeofill, dust is created and the powder may remain on the granules until it is shaken off as they are spread throughout the lawn. This is the only time that major amounts of dust will be produced. After the Zeofill is installed, the team will wet down the lawn to rinse away any remaining dust particles. Once the granules have been rinsed and allowed to thoroughly dry, dust will no longer pose a problem.

Because of its lightweight nature, Zeofill may have to be replenished occasionally. The benefits offered by this lightweight infill material are numerous. It is extremely easy to spread and will remain in place for long periods of time. Because the granules are small, they fill in areas smoothly, leaving few gaps or openings. It produces minimal dust and provides maximum drainage due to its porous nature. The infill will not scrape or cut the fabric of the turf or the skin of the animals or children that play on it. Once the silica crystals have been removed, the remaining granules are smooth and soft to the touch, making an ideal infill product that controls odors and acts as a soft cushion when walked on.

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