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How to Make a Home Putting Green

Artificial Putting Green made from artificial turf in Los AltosWhether you are a golf novice or are serious about becoming a golfing pro, setting up a home putting green can be a great investment. After work, practice would no longer require long drives to the golf course and expensive putting green fees.  Instead, you could relax, take your time, and improve your golf skills in the comfort of your own backyard.  When setting up the putting greens, you might want to go with an artificial grass to gain even more benefits.  Synthetic turf is easy to care for and won’t cause your water bill to increase at all.  If you are considering installing a putting green in your backyard, then follow these steps below.

Plan out The Design

Before you do any sort of work on the putting greens, you should take some time to plan out the space. How large do you want it to be?  How will it incorporate into the rest of the space?  Take your measurements before placing an order for synthetic turf.

Prepare the Space

You will need to prepare the space before laying down any artificial grass. You might need to remove existing ground cover, level out the area, and install a good drainage system. Some artificial turf companies also suggest putting down a layer of sand for extra water drainage.

Install the Artificial Grass

Laying down artificial turf is best done by a professional company to ensure everything is level, set in place, and has adequate water drainage. Once this step is done, go ahead and enjoy your new personal putting greens.


If you are ready to install your putting greens, then give Heavenly Greens a call. We offer the best in artificial turf, and we only carry the highest quality of artificial grass. Aside from aputting green, consider adding synthetic turf to other areas of your yard.  Dogs destroy grass, but they are no match for artificial turf.  Water bills will plummet when you switch your whole yard over.  Call us today to learn more about our services and pricing.

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