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Improve your Golf Game and Yard with an Artificial Turf Putting Green

describe the imageAvid golfers are always looking for ways to improve their golf game. Whether it be through spending ours at the golf course, playing through the links or the driving range where they can practice various shots over and over again. The main drawback to this is the cost and amount of time wasted going to and from the golf course. The ideal solution is to create your own golf green in your very own back yard.

Artificial turf is becoming extremely popular, especially in areas where drought restrictions prevents golf courses from maintaining their greens adequately. Homeowners are also feeling the pinch by not being able to water their lawns as often as they need it. Transitioning a portion (or all) of your back yard from natural grass to artificial turf eliminates both the need to water your lawn and to go elsewhere to get in your practice time. 


By installing your own personal putting greens, you no longer have to travel to your favorite course or pay expensive green fees. There is no more waiting in line to tee off or wondering whether or not the course will be overly crowded. When you have your own backyard putting green you can practice whenever you want and for as long as you want without worrying about whether or not someone is waiting to follow through.

Most people who play golf have to fit their practice time into an already hectic daily schedule. For individuals who compete regularly in competitions it's important to practice every day. This can be difficult if the course is miles from home. Having your own personal, back yard putting green makes it both convenient and easy to keep up on your game without the stress of finding time in your busy day to travel to the course.

By installing an artificial turf putting/driving green in your backyard, you can practice at your own leisure. You can also take the time you need and practice without worrying about others or how long it takes you to figure out a single shot. In fact, you can reset the shot multiple times until you get the outcome you want. Practice makes perfect and when it comes to golf, it is hard to duplicate or reset a shot while on an actual golf course.

If your biggest downfall is putting, you can set up a multitude of different shots at different angles and under different conditions. You can challenge yourself in a variety of ways that are not possible while playing on an actual golf course.

Cost Effective

Artificial turf is very cost effective when compared to the alternatives. Natural grass lawns require hours of maintenance each week due to mowing, trimming and watering. Making the switch to artificial grass may seem like a big step financially, but in the long run the money that is saved by installing putting greens or an entire back yard will save you enough money to pay for itself several times over.

The benefits of an artificial turf lawn/putting greens are:

  • Minimal maintenance (mowing, trimming, watering, etc.)

  • Less time spent working in the yard

  • Less money spent on maintaining lawn equipment, such as mowers, trimmers, etc.

  • No green fees

  • No golf cart rentals

  • No more money spent on gas and upkeep of your vehicle driving to and from the golf course

The rising cost of gas and the increase in the cost of memberships to golf courses and country clubs will continue to influence your ability to play the game you love. While the initial cost of installing artificial turf is high, the fact remains that over the years, the money saved will far outweigh the price paid.

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