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Great Gift Ideas for the Golfer Who Plays on Artificial Grass



With the holidays approaching (not to mention fall and winter birthdays), our thoughts turn to gift-giving. If your household is like so many others, you have at least one golfer on hand. And, even if your family is golfer free, you know someone who plays the game – someone who deserves a snappy, useful, and golf-appropriate gift no matter the occasion.

Heavenly Greens, in more ways than one

We’re here to help. Since Heavenly Greens is northern California’s leader when it comes to artificial grass, we know first-hand just how many homeowners are adding personalized artificial turf putting greens in their backyards. Having your own putting green is an asset that repays in multiple ways.

But like everything else pertaining to your yard, there is always a way to make it even better. What a great place to start, then, when contemplating the perfect gift for your golfer. There’s no reason their backyard green can’t have all the accoutrements of a country club putting green. Any of these upgrades would make exceptional gifts:

  • Bench with side table to hold beverages and snacks
  • Personalized sign
  • Ball washer or shoe cleaner – no, of course these things aren’t strictly necessary, but they are undeniably useful and each of them adds to the ambiance of the putting green and the backyard putting experience
  • Custom flag for the hole(s) – did you know you can not only order flags with standardized catchy sayings or images on them, you can even order customized flags with photos on them?

Or how ‘bout a professional tune-up for their artificial grass green? We offer an excellent multi-point “refresher” package as well as an enhanced service that also includes moss removal and minor repairs such as correction of any sinking.

Think beyond the backyard putting green

Anything you might give your golfer who plays on artificial turf at home will be equally appreciated on the course, too.

  • Supplies are always appreciated – a set of fun new club head covers, or perhaps some personalized golf balls. This trio of seasonal balls, imprinted with “Happy Holidays” and snowmen, is a good way to remind your golfer they can use their at-home putting green all year round.
  • Or maybe they would like this hot new Spider Putter from TaylorMade.
  • No room around your putting green for long chip shots? Get your golfer this collapsible chip net.

Your golfer will want to show off his or her improved short game prowess on the full course as often as possible, so a gift certificate for their foursome at their favorite course will be a sure winner. Throw in lunch or a round at the 19th Hole.

Oh, no! Your favorite golfer doesn’t have a backyard putting green?

No worries. Our greens specialists at Heavenly Greens are standing by to help rectify that terrible oversight. And just in time for the holidays! We can help you design a just-right size and shape, add practical practice amenities such as a sand trap, and surround the green with fringe for extra chipping practice, too. Oh, and a tee box. Real driving practice may be unrealistic on your backyard (proximity of the neighbor’s windows and all), but swing practice is always in style. Besides, a tee box looks cool.

We can install artificial grass any time of year, so there’s no need to wait impatiently for spring to roll around. Your golfer will be able to play all year round, too, thanks to superb drainage. No puddles, no mess, no slippery turf.

Whether your golfer is a happy duffer or a dedicated die-hard, we have an artificial turf designed specifically to fit their putting style. And, what better gift for a golfer than their own private putting green?!

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