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Why Crumb Rubber Is Better Than Dirt And Mud

Why Crumb Rubber Is Better Than Dirt And Mud blog.heavenlygreens.com/blog/bid/203789/Why-Crumb-Rubber-Is-Better-Than-Dirt-And-Mud @heavenlygreensHomeowners who choose to have artificial or synthetic grass installed in their lawns often do so because it is a much cleaner, less time-consuming option than keeping and maintaining natural grass. Although it is an expensive option to pursue, artificial turf with crumb rubber filling can save you both time and money over the duration of the turfs' installation.

Crumb Rubber Doesn't Break Down

One of the key benefits of rubber infill over regular dirt, is that it doesn't deteriorate, shift or break down. In natural grass lawns, repeated foot traffic can create tracks or paths that will eventually lead to the death of the grass and the erosion or compacting of the soil that holds it in place. When it rains, the dirt becomes wet, creating mud that can be tracked throughout the lawn and into the buildings on the property.

Crumb rubber filling maintains its shape and texture during any type of weather. Because it does not absorb water, crumb rubber will not cause a person to slip or track mud through their home. It will resist compaction and will help the lawn retain its overall shape and texture. Over time, grass can become thin and begin to show signs of thinning. Because of the stabilizing action of recycled rubber, an artificial turf helps synthetic grass blades maintain their natural look and feel.

No Muss, No Fuss

Although crumb rubber is made from the recycled rubber of regular automotive tires, it is thoroughly cleaned and tested before being crumbled up to be used as filler for synthetic lawns. Lawns that use crumb rubber as fillers are much “cleaner” than lawns with regular dirt. The rubber filling will not cake on the bottoms of shoes or attach to animal fur and be brought into the home. Crumb rubber does not get soggy when it rains or create muddy puddles that can send dirt and water in every direction if they are stepped in.

Unlike dirt and natural grass, artificial turf and recycled rubber are the ideal play surface. Synthetic blades of grass and crumb rubber filling materials do not leave stains on clothing or on skin. Even when a child slides or falls to the ground, there is nothing in the chemical make-up of either the grass or the filling that can leave a stain on any surface. Any dirt or residue that is transferred to the skin or clothing is natural debris and washes off cleanly.

Does Not Increase the Risk of Allergies

Natural grass releases pollen just like any other plant. Dirt releases various types of dust and mold spores into the air whenever the earth is dry enough to break up and become airborne. Airborne allergens can infiltrate homes and cause allergic reactions in individuals. During the spring and summer months, allergic reactions increase dramatically due to higher concentrations of pollen in the air. Artificial turf and its crumb rubber filling do not contain natural components, therefore, they do not produce pollen or allow mold spores to be released.

Children and adults who are allergic to different types of pollens and mold spores can spend time in the lawn and come in contact with the artificial turf and filling without having an allergic reaction or carrying the allergens back into their home via their clothing or shoes. Many types of pollens and spores can attach to clothing, hair or animal fur and be carried anywhere the person or pet goes. While artificial turf may contain certain types of pollen, primarily what falls from trees and plants used within the landscaping, it does not produce any nor will it act in such a way that it causes the microbes to become airborne. Learn more about caring for your family with allergies by switching to a synthetic lawn

Crumb Rubber Safety

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