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Creative Uses Of Artificial Turf For Outdoor Pet Areas


Creative Uses Of Artificial Turf For Outdoor Pet Areas http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/creative-uses-artificial-turf-outdoor-pet-areas @heavenlygreensHere at Heavenly Greens, we just love artificial turf! You can do almost anything with it. Obvious things like creating the perfectly gorgeous lawn of your dreams. And providing safe play spaces and fields for the kids. We’ve written in the past about unusual ways you can use fake grass – and, boy, some of those ideas are really wild – but what about using it to design or upgrade outdoor pet areas?


It’s time to talk about creative ways you can use artificial turf to design or upgrade the outdoor experience for Man’s Best Friend (and your favorite felines, too).


Dogs just want to have fun

But they need shelter and a place to go when nature calls. Dog shelters come in every conceivable size and style, from those simple plastic igloos to beautiful structures that look like mini-McMansions, complete with shingled roofs, front porches, and window boxes. You can buy virtually anything your wallet can handle, or inspire your inner DIY’er to build a custom dog house. There are plenty of instructions available online, for a fee and for free.


Carpet the inside of your dog’s outdoor abode with artificial turf. Cover it with fake grass, too, for a cool “camo” look. And don’t forget the nearby grassy play and potty area. Fake grass ensures great drainage, quick-and-easy clean-up, and no mud or debris that will wind up in your house. It’s also much more paw-friendly than gravel, wood shavings, or cold, hard concrete.


Outfit your outdoor “dog scape” with a wading pool – surrounded by artificial turf, of course. The perfect finishing touch? A fire hydrant fountain that gives Fido his very own water feature.


Cats just want to have fun, too

Of course, their idea of a good time is vastly different from your dog’s. And no self-respecting cat would be caught dead with a wading pool, let alone a tacky fountain. Cats are all about climbing and jumping and hanging out – preferably where the dog can’t reach them but they can spy on the world around them.


Does your cat love to hide out on top of the refrigerator? Why not install a fluffy faux lawn up there (or on her favorite windowsill? Or make this simple kitty condo for your own feline(s), and line the baskets with fluffy pads of artificial turf … or cover the pole with turf, too, for a whimsical look.


Outdoors, she wants a play structure like the one she has indoors – with more tiers, fake grass for fun and comfort, and enclosed, so she’s protected from the elements. Hang some lengths of sisal rope in strategic places, so she can sharpen her claws. And don’t forget the catnip mice.


Lend a helping paw to feral cats

Every cat loves a cozy spot to rest comfortably and feel safe, but not every cat is as lucky as yours. Sadly, there are many feral kitties who have no family to provide cushy surroundings, and fending for themselves is tough, especially when the weather gets colder and wetter. You can use artificial turf to make life a little homier for a feral cat in need, or create a hotel to accommodate multiple cats.


Here are 10 ideas for cat shelters, from the super-simple to the ultimate with insulation and heat. Just add fake grass for additional coziness or a decorative touch.


There are millions of pets in the US, and pet owners spend millions on their beloved furry companions. But you can show your dog or cat you really care, by using artificial turf to create a fun and cozy outdoor area just for them.

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