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Enhance Your Yard Landscape Lighting

Enhance Your Yard Landscape Lighting http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/enhance-your-yard-landscape-lighting @heavenlygreensPeople often admire landscaping during the day because the area is easily seen. At night, however, much can go unnoticed. You can keep your landscaped areas looking beautiful both day and night with the use of various types of lighting. When designing your landscaped areas, position lights in specific places to maximize their benefit. Landscaping lighting can be placed on the home, poles, in trees or close to the ground for a wide range of effects that will beautify your home as well as help to keep it secure and prevent intruders from making it a target.


Spotlights can be used to highlight a specific element within the garden, such as a fountain, statue or flowering plant. Placed the right way, it will light up the focus point as well as brighten the area around windows or doors, preventing intruders from attempting to get inside. Spotlights are normally bright and can light up a large area. With the light placed close to the ground, it can illuminate at both the ground and eye level. If you want the entire area to be well lit, place the light in a tree or on a pole at the desired angle.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is used to accent smaller items away from the focus area. Rope lights and small solar powered lights used to outline pathways and sidewalks are good examples. An ambient light brightens the area without overpowering the elements they illuminate. When placed along pathways and sidewalks, they provide just enough light to see the path but not enough to take away from the surrounding landscaped area. Many landscaping lighting systems come with dimmers so that the amount of lighting can be altered from time to time, changing the focus from one element to another without rewiring the entire system.

The Benefits of Timers

Timers can be used for many different things. They can be used to turn lights on at dusk and off at dawn. Timers can be used to operate fountains, sprinkler systems and groups of lights. Timers can also be used to change the focus from one element in a landscaped area to another. Lights can be set according to two or three different patterns that offer a variety of different looks.

Setting timers to work at different times and in different patterns also works to deter burglars who may look at your home as a potential target. Timers are also beneficial when you go on vacation. They can be used to keep your home well lit, both inside and out, giving the impression that someone is at the residence at all times.

Security Lighting

Motion activated landscaping lighting can be placed within landscaped areas to light up and doors if any movement is detected after dark. Motion activated lights can be programmed to stay on for a few seconds or up to several minutes depending on the desires of the homeowner. Placing security lights on the property is also beneficial. Placed high on a pole, a security light turns on as the sun sets and off when the sun rises the next day. They will light large areas around a home and can be placed in or near landscaped areas to provide additional lighting.

Adding the right type of lights to your landscaped areas will enhance the look of your home, as well as help to protect it. The cost of installing and using the lights is minimal when you think about the benefits each type of landscaping lighting system offers. Rope lights, solar lights or spotlights, each one can illuminate and enhance focus areas, while at the same time lighting up your home and keeping your family safe.residential-artificial-turf-installation-gallery

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