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Clean Your Pool Less! See How Artificial Turf Keeps Your Pool Cleaner.


Clean Your Pool Less and see how artificial grass keeps your pool cleaner http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/how-artificial-turf-keeps-your-pool-cleaner @heavenlygreensHomeowners who have swimming pools in their backyards are discovering the benefits of installing artificial turf. Synthetic turf can be placed on patios and decks, as well as on the platforms for above ground pools. The turf dries quickly, will not be stained or discolored by the chlorine or other pool chemicals and dramatically reduces the risk of slipping on wet cement or wood.

No More Mud


Children splashing in a pool or getting in and out can cause the dirt around the pool to turn into a muddy mess. The more water, the more the dirt will be disrupted. Eventually, the soil will become soupy, sticking to the children's feet. They will drag the dirt with them wherever they go, even back into the pool. The soil will eventually settle in the bottom of the pool and will have to be vacuumed or swept up to avoid it from being kicked up and drawn into the filter.

Fewer Grass Clippings


Children's wet feet will also pick up grass clippings as they go in and out of the swimming pool. If artificial turf is installed in the yard or applied to the decking of the pool, their will be no blades of grass. Artificial turf never needs to be mowed or trimmed, eliminating any type of residual lawn waste that can eventually make its way into the swimming pool due to mowing. Grass will float on the surface of the water and be drawn into the pool's filtration system. This can plug the filter, making the pump work much harder than it needs to.

Less Chance of Trash or Debris Blowing Into the Pool


Grass clippings aren't the only type of debris that can come from a natural grass lawn. Clumps of dead grass, twigs and leaves can find their way into your pool, turning the water a nasty green or brown. While leaves and twigs can still show up in the pool if you have an artificial lawn, they are less likely to find their way into the pool. Artificial turf is much easier to keep clean than natural grass and won't break down, or allow dirt and debris to be carried from place to place by wet feet.

Less Risk of Slipping and Falling


In the general sense, slipping and falling may not have a lot to do with keeping your swimming pool clean. The fact is, many times when a person slips or falls, they either knock something over or drop whatever they are carrying. This can spell disaster, especially if they are carrying something made of glass. Broken glass or plastic that falls into a swimming pool can damage the liner resulting in thousands of dollars of damage. With artificial turf installed around the swimming pool, kids can run and play and adults can lounge around without fear of falling or dropping what they are carrying.

With artificial turf, keeping your swimming pool clean just got a lot easier. You no longer have to spend hours sweeping the surround or vacuuming the pool floor to get rid of dirt and other sediment that is brought into the pool from everyone getting in and out of the pool. You won't have to remove handfuls of freshly cut grass clippings from the filter basket or worry about clumps of dead grass or roots floating on the surface.


Keeping your swimming pool clean and the filter free from various types of lawn debris will increase the lifespan of your filter system and prevent the liner from being torn or damaged. It's easy to keep your pool looking its best, when you have a lawn that is easy to maintain and always looks like it is freshly cut and well cared for.

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