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How to Create a Serene Private Outdoor Space Using Artificial Grass

woman relaxing with a book in an artificial grass garden

No matter who we are or the exact details of our daily life, we can probably all agree that we are too busy! Whatever happened to quiet time? One way you can make time for quiet is by creating a private oasis in your back yard. A special space that looks inviting and feels serene. Artificial grass supports this project in two ways.

First, if you’ve already jettisoned your natural grass lawn for an easy-to-maintain, always-gorgeous artificial turf lawn, you now have time to upgrade your quality of life. To devote to doing nothing. Or next to nothing. You can read a book, take a snooze, or simply sit still and let your mind wander. Nice.

Second, you can install a bit of artificial grass within your serene space, to ensure soft footing and toe-wiggling texture. With grass in place, you can use your private space to practice your yoga asanas. You can sit on the grass to meditate, or just lie there and take an afternoon rest. Or grab a cozy quilt and watch the stars come out after dark.

This is sounding better and better, isn’t it? Let’s get started.

Think small

Your space won’t feel private or serene if it’s too large. But don’t worry about it being too small. Even if your yard is small overall, you can create a welcoming private outdoor room within your landscape. Your space can be as simple as a reading or contemplation nook, with seating for one, or it can be a larger garden designed with serenity in mind.

Define your space

You can make your serene place private by building hardscape walls or a wooden fence. Or you can create visual barriers using wire fencing covered with vines or by planting mid-size or tall shrubs.

If you have an existing wall or fence, or plan to add one, you can soften it with a vertical garden. Plant fragrant herbs or flowers, to capture their soothing aromas. Or, for a different look and texture, cover your wall (or part of it) with artificial grass. You can do that, you know. Fake grass grows beautifully anywhere, on virtually any surface.

Use quiet colors

Big, bold leaves and brightly colored flowers have their place in landscaping. When you want to make a big statement, that is. However, when your goal is to create calming surroundings, stick to a softer palate. Plants with more delicate, even ferny leaves. Flowers in white or pastels. Do choose varieties that are fragrant, and look for varieties that offer multi-season interest – fall color, winter berries, etc. – so there’s always something inviting and interesting to lure you back to your quiet space in every season.

Add a water feature

Like soothing fragrances, the sound of water moving gently over a surface is one of the most calming experiences. Your water feature could be a tiny fountain or a small pond (complete with koi to contemplate) or a recirculating babbling brook.

Make your space environmentally friendly

Nothing will give you a more Zen-like feeling than knowing your outdoor space is not only serene but sustainable. Your recirculating waterscape won’t waste precious water. You can easily choose plants that are drought tolerant. And you can head to a thrift shop or a garage sale to score an old-but-super-comfy chair and something fun you can repurpose as a side table. Make an ottoman, too, because surely you’ll want to put your feet up!

It all starts with artificial grass – the perfect “flooring” for almost every outdoor project. From there, all you need is your imagination, and you can create a private outdoor space that is serene, indeed. You may never want to leave.

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