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How To Upgrade Your Dog's Backyard Run With Artificial Grass


A boy and his dog running around on artificial grass.You love your dog. We know you do. If only he didn’t do his thing on your lawn. Now that he has decided that is The Place to go, it’s tougher than ever to keep your grass looking decent. Yellow spots and dead patches – ugh! They look just as bad and create the same problems even if it’s only the grass in your dog’s backyard run.

Artificial Grass to the Rescue!

Artificial turf is the grass everyone loves, humans and pooches alike. Why?

Artificial grass is versatile.

Front lawn, backyard lawn, Fido’s very own personal dog run – there’s a grass for that. Here at Heavenly Greens, we offer numerous types of faux grass, each one designed for a specific look or functional purpose. Including dogs. You can have a stunning lawn that not only looks lush and inviting, but feels that way, too.

Artificial grass is dog-friendly.

Fido may not care what the grass looks like, but “barefoot-friendly” is even more important to him than it is to you. Romping or resting, fake grass is always fluffy and comfortable. Nice.

Artificial grass is essentially dog-proof.

Now we’re getting to the best part! If Fido chooses to potty on the grass, who cares? A quick pick-up, if needed, and a little rinse with the hose, and no one will ever know. Your grass is back in business, whether that’s the business of family and dog play, or simply the business of making your landscape look great.

No worries about Fido’s activity killing the grass, because artificial turf doesn’t grow. It does drain moisture faster and more efficiently than natural grass, surprising as that may sound. And it dries much faster, too. Furthermore, your beloved dog cannot dig holes in fake grass. That’s another habit a lot of us dog owners wish our furry friends would cease. Digging can wreck a traditional lawn in a hurry – a lot faster than you can repair the damage.

But, wait, there’s more.

Artificial grass is the human-friendly choice, too.

Not only can you stop repairing dog damage, you can stop all those other lawn maintenance chores you love to hate.

  • No more mowing, edging, feeding, and weeding. That means more time to get out on the grass and play with your dog.
  • No more ongoing expense to buy all those supplies and maintain the equipment. That means more money to buy more dog treats and toys.
  • No more residual mess – clippings and other debris, dirt and mud that get tracked from your grass into the house. That means less house cleaning. That’s a fringe benefit everyone can get behind.
  • And no more watering the grass. Hot dog! Finally, a water bill that won’t make you swoon or require you to apply for another loan. Or earn you a big, fat fine.

Faux grass is even healthier than natural grass, for the humans and pets in your family. There are no toxic ingredients used in the manufacturing process. It doesn’t grow, so it doesn’t produce pollen dreaded by allergy sufferers. (Even dogs can have pollen allergies.) It doesn’t remain damp to encourage growth of mold and mildew. And, it’s actually softer and safer than natural grass should you or Fido slip and fall.

This just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it? All because you wanted to have better grass for your dear dog. Good boy! Good girl! Now, there’s just one more thing to do, and it has to be you because Fido does not have opposable thumbs. Pick up the phone and give us a call at Heavenly Greens.

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