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The Benefits Of Installing Artificial Grass In Large Event Areas


The Benefits Of Installing Artificial Grass In Large Event Areas http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/installing-artificial-grass-in-large-event-areas @heavenlygreensInstalling artificial grass in venues where large events are held can save you both time and money. It will also make a lasting impression on everyone who chooses to attend. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf is consistent in both texture and color. The surface is even and there is less risk of an injury due to a shoe sinking into the soft dirt or a chair falling over. If you are hosting a gathering of any kind, you want to present the best image possible. Installing artificial grass allows you to do that.

No Visible Wear Patterns

During a big event, you will expect to have large numbers of people. Heavy foot traffic would trample natural grass, matting it down and creating pathways. When you install artificial grass, you will have no visible wear patterns and bare spots won't form in aisle ways. Mud and dirt won't become a problem as the event progresses and you don't have to worry about rain or moisture causing the soil to become soft or slippery.


Less Time on Preparation

Installing artificial grass in event areas solves one major problem. It eliminates lengthy prep times and makes it easier to get ready for the gathering. Artificial turf doesn't need a lot of work prior to a event, nor does it require a massive amount of clean up. Unlike grass which can be worn away under foot, no repairs will need to be made and bare areas won't have to be re-seeded or new sod put in place. In many cases, the only real preparation involves making sure the infill is sufficient and the blades are brushed so they stand straight and tall.


No Maintenance

It is well known that artificial turf requires little to no maintenance. While this is a benefit to be considered for a homeowner, it is a virtual saving grace for a large venue. Hundreds of man hours each week are saved because there is little that needs to be performed when maintaining artificial turf. Cleaning the surface with a lawn vacuum and gently fluffing the blades requires only the amount of time it takes to run the garden tractor across the surface. Other than that the field is good to go and very little else needs to be done.


Minimal Cost for Water Usage

Unlike a natural grass venue, installing artificial turf will use virtually no water. An average lawn of approximately 800 square feet can take up to 150,000 gallons of water a year to sufficiently maintain. Times that by five or even ten, to come up with the amount of water that would be needed to maintain a natural grass arena for just a few months. Another advantage of not having to constantly water the grass is that there is no down time between events. Events can be held several times a day, several days in a row without having to stop the festivities to care for the arena.

Installing artificial grass in large venues is a large investment in the property. The cost, however, is worth the extra expense in terms of time and resources saved over the life of the venue. Along with the savings, the benefit of being able to schedule an event at any time, day or night, and without concern for the weather or conditions that may make play impossible, far outweighs any cost. The convenience of being able to offer guests the entertainment they want at all times makes it a good choice from the start. It allows the venues to cater to their patrons and allows them to enjoy themselves whenever an event is held. 

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