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Is Artificial Turf Durable Enough for MY Pets?

Is Artificial Turf Durable Enough for MY Pets? http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/is-artificial-turf-durable-enough-for-my-pets @heavenlygreensPets come in all shapes and sizes and with a variety of habits, some good and some bad. When artificial turf became popular in kennels and dog runs, manufacturers began to research ways that would improve the longevity and durability of their product. They also looked into ways of keeping odors to a minimum and maintaining the natural look and feel of the turf.

Excessive Foot Traffic

When dogs are first let outside, the first thing they do is take off at a dead run with nails digging firmly into whatever surface they are running over. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf will not tear or wear away under excessive amounts of foot traffic. Your children and your pets can over the same paths a hundred times a day and not even make a trail. The type of infill that is used will determine how resistant the blades of grass when it comes to being matted down, but with a quick brush of a broom, that can be easily corrected. Dogs and children can lay in the grass, roll around, fall over one another and play hide and seek without fear of damaging the grass, creating bare spots or flattening the surface.

Digging For Treasure

One of the things that pet owners must face is that some dogs just like to dig. They will try to bury anything that fits in their mouth. Others like to dig holes so they can lay in the cool ground. Artificial turf manufacturers use the strongest materials possible in the construction of their turf. This means that no matter how hard your dog tries, he will not be able to bury his toys or turn your lawn into a muddy mess.

Accidents Happen

One of the biggest worries for homeowners with pets is that the artificial turf they choose will not be able to withstand the mess of being a doggie bathroom. While many dogs will gravitate to the same area every day, others couldn't find the same spot twice if you used a trail of treats to guide them to it. Others get so excited at being outside or having visitors that they loose control and spread their joy throughout the lawn and along the sidewalks. Never fear! Artificial turf manufacturers have taken all three types of pets into consideration and use materials that will not discolor, fade or stain. A simple rinsing with the garden hose a couple of times of month and all will be well in your puppy's universe.

Common Law Problems

Pets can create many problems on their own, but in a few cases, the problems are there and the pets just make it worse. When artificial turf is installed, many of the low lying areas are eliminated as the ground is prepared. This eliminates standing water and gets rid of the mess mud holes that often appear in natural grass lawns after a good rain. Because their will be no grass clippings, your pet won't get grass and mud in their coat, which means no more muddy foot prints being tracked through your house.

The manufacturers of artificial turf are so confident that their product can withstand anything your pet tries to dish out, that many of them have included pet related damages in their warranty. Every manufacturer is different, so it is important to read the guarantee as well as the warranty thoroughly and ask questions if you want to make sure you fully understand what they say. Artificial turf has been used in sporting arenas for decades and has received rave reviews. Putting up with a pets and children is a piece of cake!artificial turf for pets

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