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New Year: Is it Time For a New Lawn?


New-Year-Is-It-Time-For-A-New-Lawn-BlogAs we make our way into a new year, it’s time to face facts. Your natural grass lawn may be another year older, but it is not another year better. It is not going to get better, no matter how many years you wait. You can keep trying to turn that particular sow’s ear into a silk purse, but your efforts will remain futile.

Frankly, it’s time for a new lawn. How can we tell? Well, let’s look at your current situation through honest eyes:

Questionable curb appeal

Are you planning to sell hour house some time in 2019? If the first impression of your property isn’t wonderful, buyers aren’t going to be too excited to see the interior. Even if you have no intention of selling, you see your front yard every time you return home from work, or the store. With a sketchy lawn, the sight that should give you a lift drags you down just a little instead. Neighbors and strangers drive by your home. Are they silently thanking their lucky stars that their lawn doesn’t look as ratty as yours?

Even worse, you can’t get away from your lawn. Once you’re inside, the view outdoors forces you to review the state of your yard over and over. And the grass in back looks just as questionable as the grass in front. Talk about dragging you down!

Sick of all the work

No doubt the biggest downer about having a less-than-stellar lawn is that you work your tail off, seemingly year round, to make it look good. You mow. You edge. You rake – not only dribbles of clippings the mower failed to catch, but ground up leaves and other debris. You spread fertilizer. You spray pesticides and herbicides. You grab a tool and go after those @#$&% dandelions with tremendous zeal.

You are a devoted slave to your lawn, week in and week out. And, yet, it refuses to cooperate. It never looks evenly cut or uniform in color. It always seems to have yellow spots (gee, thanks, Fido) or holes (thanks again, Fido). This is the definition of frustration.

You’re going broke

Maybe not technically, but the financial waste is obvious. Or, maybe not – most homeowners aren’t brave enough to actually calculate what they spend on maintaining their natural grass lawn. The water bill alone is enough to frighten almost anyone these days. (That’s deliberate, by the way. The State of California is trying to motivate you to do the right thing.)

There is a better way

New Year’s is the time we all make resolutions. Why not make one you really want to keep in 2019?

RESOLVE to spend more time relaxing and more time with your family (and, yes, the dog). More time doing things you like.

RESOLVE to save money instead of spending repeatedly and needlessly on your lawn.

RESOLVE to beautify the space you call home – front and back.

RESOLVE to ditch your own lawn and replace it with artificial grass.

RESOLVE to call Heavenly Greens right now, and get started planning your new lawn. One that will always look stunning with only the merest of maintenance. One that won’t yield up clippings or other debris to track throughout your house. One that won’t turn yellow or develop holes, in spite of Fido’s best efforts. One you’ll never have to water because it doesn’t grow.

And while you have us on the phone, here’s another great resolution for 2019. As long as you’re replacing your lawn with just-plain-better artificial grass, ask us about specialized turf products for bocce courts and backyard putting greens. What better way to spend more time with family and friends, doing something you like?

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