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Selling Your Home? How Artificial Grass Can Add Curb Appeal


Selling Your Home? How Artificial Grass Can Add Curb Appeal http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/selling-your-home-add-curb-appeal-using-artificial-grass @heavenlygreensAny real estate agent can tell you how important curb appeal is in selling your home. Buyers may have a list of physical and functional must-haves, but they won’t bother to look at a home that doesn’t “speak” to them emotionally. What does your home’s first impression tell them? Can they picture themselves living here, and entertaining here, comfortably and with pride?

That’s where curb appeal comes in.


Why it matters

Lovely landscaping enhances the quality and appeal of your entire neighborhood.


Artificial grass looks and feels natural. It stays clean, too, so kids and pets won’t get dirty or track mud into the house. And it’s non-toxic, so they’ll be safe, too. These features will be just as important to future buyers as they are to your family right now.


There’s also the very distinct appeal – for you as the current homeowner – of eliminating all the work and expense associated with lawn upkeep. You’ll have so much more time to actually enjoy your yard, you may not want to sell your home after all.


However, since we are talking about selling your home here, don’t you think prospective buyers will be just as excited about acquiring more leisure time instead of a taking on never-ending lawn maintenance? What could be more appealing than that!


How artificial grass improves curb appeal

The ravages of years of drought are still apparent in lawns all around the Bay Area. Even in the best of times, it’s tough to establish and maintain really great-looking grass. Faux grass, on the other hand, looks equally green and gorgeous every day of the year – regardless of changes in the weather.


Artificial grass “grows” beautifully where natural grass presents serious challenges or won’t grow at all – under conifers, in deep shade, on steep slopes, etc. Indeed, not every home has the same architectural style, location or lot size and configuration. That’s one reason Heavenly Greens offers a variety of artificial grass products for residential use. There’s one just right for your home.


And you aren’t limited to installing a simple swath of green. Artificial grass can be cut to any size or shape. Our design experts can help you create an interesting lawn that gives your home a unique appearance, further increasing its curb appeal.


You can give your faux grass an even more natural look by combining it with drought-resistant plants – trees, shrubs, and flowers that add variety in height, colors, and textures. Pretty all year, but always intriguing as your landscaping changes with the seasons.


And let’s remember that artificial grass isn’t only for the front yard. Buyers are hoping for a grand and inviting back yard, too. You can tuck synthetic grass between flagstones, around the patio or pool, cover an upstairs balcony, or create separate play areas for kids and pets using specialized fake grass products.


Sell your home for more

Curb appeal works for you every day. Who doesn’t want to look out the window or turn into the driveway and immediately notice how beautiful their yard looks? But enhancing your home’s curb appeal with artificial grass can actually increase your property value.


So whether you’re planning to sell your home soon, or you expect to stay here for years, isn’t it time you invested in artificial grass?

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