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Sustainable Landscaping Around Your Complex's Pool


Top view of a residential complex with a sustainable pool landscape.Establishing sustainable landscaping is a must for budget-conscious property managers. Water is no longer affordable. And it’s simply smart marketing to create an environment that shows you’re doing your part for the environment. One of the smartest sustainable landscaping choices you can make is installing artificial grass around your complex’s pool.

A pool is a must-have amenity for apartment complexes and condo communities. You may even have more than one within your complex. Surrounding your pool with artificial grass can make a world of difference when it comes to aesthetics, tenant enjoyment, and safety as well as sustainability. It can even reduce pool maintenance – yet another monetary savings. Let’s dive in to the details.

Aesthetics: Sustainable and Stunning

Artificial grass is the ultimate in sustainable landscaping materials. It never needs to be watered, and it never requires harmful chemicals, yet it always looks perfect. Just the right uniform height, just the same luxurious emerald green. Sun or shade, artificial grass grows beautifully everywhere. With fake grass, you can create a seamless expanse of lawn that runs right up to your pool’s coping. So pretty.

You can dress it up, too, by adding drought-resistant plants that set off your pool area both visually and functionally. Plantings can add height, color and texture, and screen the safety fencing around the pool’s perimeter.  Of course, not all plants are appropriate for poolside locations. Here, they must be able to endure somewhat higher humidity from pool evaporation, potentially brighter sunlight reflected off the water, and of course splashed water that contains chemicals which could kill many plants.

No worries, there are lots of gorgeous options for landscaping around pools, including:

  • Grasses of varying heights that offer textural interest, seasonal color and that soothing soft wave in the breeze
  • Flowering perennials
  • Succulents of all sizes
  • Shrubs, both evergreen and deciduous

Some especially useful choices?

  • Agave (many have stunning flowers on tall stalks, be sure to choose varieties that don’t have thorns or needles)
  • Banana trees
  • Bird-of-paradise (make a bold statement with the large variety)
  • Euonymus
  • Hydrangea
  • Mandevilla vine

Sustainable landscaping doesn’t only conserve water, with the right plant selections you can attract an array of lovely, beneficial birds, butterflies and bees to your complex.

More than Pretty

Artificial grass is tough enough to handle lawn chairs and lounges, and it’s soft and fluffy enough to invite sunbathers on towels or mats. (It takes a lot to flatten top-quality fake grass, but if that happens, a brush with a broom quickly restores the blades to their upright position, ready for tomorrow’s sunbathers. Furthermore, artificial grass is not affected by pool water that contains chlorine and other chemicals. And it’s a lot cooler and softer underfoot than hardscape surfaces.

In fact, artificial grass requires no traditional lawn maintenance. That means there will be no grass clippings or chopped up debris that winds up in your pool, creating extra work and potentially interfering with your filtration system. Your maintenance crew will appreciate that.

Installing artificial grass around your pool increases tenant safety, too. Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf is not slippery when it gets wet. And with our Heavenly Greens MaxxFlow system, water splashed from the pool and rainwater drain away quickly.

Sustainability that Benefits Everyone

Better quality, more inviting tenant amenities can do wonders to attract new residents and also to retain existing tenants. An investment in higher retention virtually pays for itself, and quickly, too. By installing artificial grass around your pool, you’re investing in a sustainable environment, upgrading the look and livability of your complex, and improving your property’s bottom line.

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