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Tips for Conserving Water During The Holidays



You probably saw the story in the Mercury News just the other day: “The recent dry and warm weather in northern and central California that has sparked red flag warnings and power shutdowns also does not bode well for the drought forecast. Drought is expected to persist as below-normal precipitation is expected from November through January 2020.

This happy holiday note is a timely reminder that we need to conserve water year round, no matter the season. Especially now that we’re facing another warmer-than-normal, drier-than-normal winter. Even if you’ve already taken all the major steps recommended for reducing water consumption around your home, we’re betting there are still ideas you haven’t put into play yet. 

Conserving water in the spirit of the holidays

This is the time of year when most of us are planning holiday parties. Many of us are also expecting family or friends to visit as overnight or longer-term guests. More people and more meal prep automatically means more water usage. So making even relatively small changes to the ways you use water during the holidays can make a big difference in the amount of water you use. Or don’t use. And that can make a positive future impact on our environment as well.

On that cheery note, here are some water conservation tips that are easy to adopt:

  • Do not let water run unnecessarily in the kitchen sink.

If you were to capture the water left running to defrost frozen foods, wash hands or rinse fruits and veggies, you would be shocked at the number of gallons that literally just flow down the drain. Big waste.

Instead, turn off the tap while lathering your hands for a wash. Fill a pan with just enough water to rinse all your produce at once, in batches. Set frozen items in the refrigerator (perhaps on a towel) to let them defrost. Yes, this takes a bit longer, but you can plan for that.

  • Do not let water run unnecessarily in the bathroom.

Turn the tap off while brushing your teeth. If family members and overnight guests to shave a minute or two off their shower, this will not only conserve hot water for everyone, it will conserve overall water, too.

  • Use your dishwasher wisely.

Run it on the shortest cycle, and only when it’s full. If it’s an older, non-energy efficient model, wash dishes by hand in a sink half-filled with water, then rinse with a quick water spray.

  • Steam or roast veggies.

These methods add far more flavor and retain all the nutrients lost in boiling.

Once you get used to these little changes during the holidays, it will be easy to make them your regular routine year round. But if you really want to conserve water, we have a question for you to consider. 

Why haven’t you converted to artificial grass?

There’s no more dramatic way to save water (not to mention money). Switching to artificial grass can dramatically reduce your water bill while dramatically improving your household sustainability. And there’s no better holiday gift for your entire family (including your dog).

We can install Heavenly Greens artificial grass any time of year, so there’s no reason to wait. You can say adios to winter-ugly natural grass and greet your holiday guests with a gorgeous expanse of green. Fake grass is an ideal surface to host your front yard decorative display, too.

Talk about the “gift that keeps on giving”! Artificial grass lawns and play spaces from dog runs to putting greens are investments that will last decades and bring you joy every day. Happy holidays, indeed!


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