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Artificial Turf Articles

Tips for Conserving Water During The Holidays

Posted by Troy Scott on 19 November


You probably saw the story in the Mercury News just the other day: “The recent dry and warm weather in northern and central California that has sparked red flag warnings and power shutdowns also does not bode well for the drought forecast. Drought is expected to persist as below-normal precipitation is expected from November through January 2020.

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Topics: artificial grass, Water Conservation, Drought

How to Fire-Proof Your Yards

Posted by Troy Scott on 12 September

Unless you replace your entire yard with concrete, or rocks, it will never be fire-proof. Thankfully, however, there are steps you can take to make your yard far more fire-resistant than it probably is right now. And you can do that without sacrificing even one degree of beauty or functionality.

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Topics: environmental benefits, Artificial Turf Grass, Home Lawn, Drought, lawn care

10 Ideas For Vegetable Gardening In A Drought

Posted by Troy Scott on 10 July


Vegetable gardening is hugely popular these days. It is not only practical, it’s fun, for kids as well as adults. Those of us who now have to focus on water conservation can still enjoy growing the foods we love. The key is choosing varieties that are able to thrive with minimal water

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Topics: Drought, Gardening, Vegetables

California Update: Does All This Rain Mean The Drought Is Over?

Posted by Troy Scott on 09 February


The winter of 2016-17 has been a wet one for most of California. As of last fall, Northern California was looking forward to a bleak realization that their water supply was dwindling faster than expected. For now, the danger has subsided – at least for the time being. The rain and snow that has pelted the Sierra Nevadas, as well as the rest of the northern half of the state, has brought much needed moisture that is rapidly filling the recently empty aquifers, lakes, and reservoirs. While the projection for rain over the next few months to a year look good, professional meteorologists and environmentalist are warning people to not get overly excited.

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Topics: Water Conservation, Drought

10 Drought Tolerant Perennial Plants For A California Landscape

Posted by Troy Scott on 13 December


In California, drought conditions will play a role in how you design your landscaped areas and the plants you use to complete them. You can find plants that use very little water, as well as some that like hot, dry temperatures. You can choose tall spiky plants for the background, or you can choose low lying plants that make ideal ground covers.




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Topics: Landscaping, Drought

3 California Businesses Doing Their Part For Water Conservation

Posted by Troy Scott on 29 December

Businesses and commercial properties are two of the biggest drains on California's precious water supply. The question many residents are constantly asking is “What are businesses being forced to do to help conserve our water?” The answer is, plenty. Many businesses have taken the initiative to help not only conserve the state's water supply, but protect it from contaminants and pollutants that many companies often produce. The key for many business owners is closely monitoring its water usage patterns and finding ways to reduce waste.

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Topics: Drought

Five California Landscape Artists For Stunning Drought-Tolerant Designs

Posted by Troy Scott on 24 December

For homeowners who don't have the time or inclination to landscape their own property, there are several amazing landscape artists and design companies who are quite capable of doing an excellent job for a reasonable price. Landscapers in Southern California have learned to adapt many of their creations to include drought tolerant plants and sustainable materials. With no end in sight to the severe drought conditions, residents who are interested in updating or creating a new garden or landscaped area may want to hire a professional architect to design the project.

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Topics: Drought

How The California Drought Is Transforming Landscape Designs

Posted by Troy Scott on 23 December

The California drought has transformed how homeowners look at landscaping. With water restrictions now in place that penalize homeowners for the unnecessary use of water, new designs and concepts are being utilized throughout the landscaping industry. Many are drifting away from old landscaping designs and concepts and creating new and unique ways of beautifying their lawns and gardens.

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Topics: Drought

Aggressive, Non-Native Mosquitoes Bring Disease To California

Posted by Troy Scott on 22 December

Two mosquitoes from Asia are increasing their numbers exponentially in drought stricken California. The Asian Tiger mosquito and the yellow fever mosquito are wreaking havoc in the state and many scientists believe the problem is only going to get worse. Although they arrived several years ago, they never posed much of a threat until now. In 2011, the mosquitoes began to be noticed in large numbers primarily because of their ability to thrive in warmer temperatures. Drought conditions have affected California for so long, the mosquitoes have begun to take up residence much like they did in their original, more tropical climate.

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Topics: Drought

Shipping Water From Alaska To California - A Sustainable Solution?

Posted by Troy Scott on 15 December

Democrat Janice Hanh is a state representative from the Los Angeles area. With the drought conditions growing more severe, her along with others in California have started to explore the option of shipping water from Alaska. Their intended goal is to bring water into the state to help alleviate the dire conditions created by the lack of rain throughout the state. The idea has benefits, but to some, just the idea of shipping that much water from one state to another is not something they believe is feasible.

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Topics: Drought

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