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Tips for Decorating Your Halloween Lawn


Is that a skeleton we see in your closet? It’s time to bring that thing out and install it on your front lawn, because Halloween is just around the corner. Decorating for the holidays is a long-standing tradition, and it’s lots of fun, especially if you get the kids involved to help plan and make your decorations.


It doesn’t have to be a lot of work, though we suspect you might be one of those people who loves to go all out. So have at it! We have a few tips that can make your Halloween lawn decorations this year be the talk of the neighborhood and beyond.


Your artificial grass lawn sets the stage – literally

It always looks its best – lush, uniformly green and smooth. It’s just waiting to host your seasonal décor. That means transforming your yard into a Halloween scene needn’t start with tedious, dirty clean-up. Nope, you can get right to the fun part.

Just one caution, though. Many commercial and DIY decorations require stakes of some kind to hold them in place. While this is no problem with a natural grass lawn, you cannot punch holes in your artificial grass. Once you damage the backing, it will have to be repaired. Don’t let this fact put you off, though. There are plenty of ways to secure larger decorations so they won’t fall over or blow away without using stakes.

Make it scary

  • Surround your skeleton with some fake body parts.
  • Festoon your porch and yard with creepy cobwebs.
  • Create a witch’s cauldron, complete with dry ice for effect.
  • Go fanciful high-tech with animatronics – those figures that light up, move around, and make scary noises.
  • We’re pretty sure you’ll want to build a haunted house, or at least the illusion of one.
  • Play recordings of eerie sounds, cackling witches, and moaning ghosts. Or use even scarier motion-activated recordings.
  • Rent a fog machine for mysterious atmosphere.

Make it whimsical

Make giant candy bars. What treats are you giving out this year? Make huge versions of them to arrange on your front lawn. Perhaps in a gigantic bowl.

Lawn bags filled with leaves (or wadded-up paper). Put a big rock in the bottom first to keep the bags in place.

Stick with traditional simplicity

Adorn your entry and yard with pumpkins of all sizes and descriptions, carved or not. Pile them into a wheelbarrow or artfully arrange them along the walkway.

Or use baskets of apples. Or make one great big apple made of wood or – well, just what could you use to do that???

Lights are a must

Strings of white and/or orange twinkling lights are an easy way to dress up your front door. You can find virtually any kind of little Halloween themed lanterns from skulls to bats.

Show it off!

You’ve done so much work, and your yard is truly spooktacular. Now that you’ve decorated your lawn, you have the perfect excuse – as if you needed one – to throw a Halloween party. That way, all your friends and all your kids’ friends, can come see how great your place looks. Flat-out frightening or just semi-spooky, Halloween parties are always fun for all ages. Make it monstrous, or simply invite a few folks over for a final fall lawn party with Halloween-themed food.

That was fun!

When Halloween is over (boo!), you can store away all the ghosts and goblins and the haunted house components, the fake cobwebs (those are fake, aren’t they?), and the party favors. It’s time to sit back with a cup of hot cider and relax.

One thing you won’t have to do? Winterize your lawn. Not with artificial grass. Your lawn stands ready to host yet more outdoor fun. And when winter sets in for real, you’ll still have the prettiest yard in the neighborhood. Meanwhile, what sort of lawn decoration and parties are you planning for Thanksgiving?

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