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Benefits Of Artificial Grass In The Fall And Winter


Benefits Of Artificial Grass In The Fall And Winter http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/artificial-grass-benefits-in-the-fall-and-winter @heavenlygreensWith luck, it will rain this fall and winter. But not too much! We’re glad the drought is over, but we aren’t ready to give up our outdoor living quite yet, even though fall is in the air. It’s been a fun summer of backyard games and BBQs, lounging around the pool or gardening around your artificial grass. One of the many benefits of a faux lawn is that it’s always up for one more game, even in fall and winter.



So keep that football handy. The dog’s favorite Frisbee, too. Heck, you can even get in more time on that dandy putting green you smartly installed in your backyard. No reason to let your game go slack over the winter.


So what if it rains? Artificial grass isn’t slippery when it gets wet, and it doesn’t puddle up when it rains. It doesn’t wear out in spots, so it doesn’t turn into a mud patch. All that adds up to a sports-friendly fall and winter. Not to mention a cleaner house, without the incessant muddy foot and paw prints.


With Heavenly Greens’ superior artificial grass products and installation systems, excellent drainage means fewer worries about mold and mildew building up on your lawn, too. This can be a serious problem when natural grass becomes waterlogged, all too common in areas with dense soils or where lawns have developed sunken areas over time.  


You don’t have to winterize your lawn

As summer winds down, leaves begin to fall in earnest, landing on your lawn whether it’s live or fake. Removing that debris is essential, but it’s easy when you have artificial grass. The same leaf blower you use periodically in other seasons whisks away leaves, etc. in no time. Or you can use the stiff natural bristle brush you use to fluff high-traffic areas – brush gently, though, you aren’t sweeping the driveway.


No raking needed. No “just one more time” mowing. Or fall watering if it doesn’t rain. And no over-winter preparations such as fall reseeding, fertilizing, etc. that means more time for a friendly game of touch football (or watching the game from the comfort of your cozy couch indoors). 


There are a few things to know about freezing temperatures, however. The Bay Area isn’t known for severe winters, but it can get cold especially at night. If it gets frosty outside, stay off your synthetic turf, because walking on it could damage the stiffened blades. If it snows (hey, you never know, it has happened from time to time), simply let it melt naturally. Once again your fast-draining artificial grass shows you just how great it is.


Your yard looks better than their yard

Natural grass goes dormant in winter, even in areas where it isn’t freezing. The grass browns out, and it can develop dead spots. (Or the dead spots that were already there become more obvious.) It isn’t pretty. At your house, though, it’s definitely pretty – precisely as green, lush, and welcoming in fall and winter as in spring and summer. Beautiful every day.


Artificial grass laughs at the weather. And you were wise enough to make the switch. It’s OK to feel just a little bit smug. But be gracious, too. Invite your neighbors over for a fall BBQ and football on the lawn.

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