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Winterize Your Lawn...Or Not, In Northern California


Winterize Your Lawn...Or Not, In Northern California http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/winterize-your-lawn-or-not-northern-california @heavenlygreensYou know that grass is high maintenance. Year after year, you resolve to finally “do it right.” You’ll figure out what kind of fertilizer you should get, what the Northern California climate actually means in terms of lawn care, what words like ‘overseeding’, ‘aerating’, and ‘topseeding’ have to do with grass – all so you can have a perfectly green, healthy lawn to enjoy in the spring. Well, what if you can have the lawn of your dreams without all that headache and fuss? Who really wants to worry about ‘winterizing’ their lawn?

It’s possible! Choosing artificial turf for your lawn can provide a beautiful, lush green yard all year long without the hassle of winterizing. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on lawn care services and dealing with the harmful side-effects of lawn chemicals, artificial grass can offer the same look. Imagine the envy of your neighbors as they struggle to keep their lawns looking great, while you can sit back and relax in your backyard. The holidays will be a lot more enjoyable with the family too, since you can take your parties outside and enjoy your nice looking yard in the winter months.


Sure you can slave over a lawn mower and weed whacker all you like with a natural lawn. You can even deal with all the pests that accompany it. Winterizing is starting to seem like too much work now isn’t it?


Advantages of choosing to replace your grass with artificial turf

Synthetic turf is perfectly green and manicured all year round, with minimal effort on your part - Artificial grass won’t require you to spend your weekends mowing, trimming or weeding. Your synthetic lawn will come well-trimmed and stay that way for as long as you have it. You can even use synthetic grass in a few sections of your yard to highlight your home and improve the value.


No need for dealing with dirt - Because artificial grass doesn’t need soil, it doesn’t get muddy in the rain. No more muddy pets or children! Furthermore, artificial grass doesn’t stain clothing no matter how much you roll around in it. No more grass-stained clothing! Using artificial turf can also cut down on wind and water erosion that is common in the winter and spring in California.


Reduces wintertime allergies - Best of all, artificial grass doesn’t generate or hold pollen like real grass does. It’s for the most part hypoallergenic, so you don’t have to worry about pollen getting in your home or on your pets. Allergies no longer have to dominate your life. If all you want is a beautiful green lawn you can spend time on, without the sniffles and sneezes, then synthetic grass may be the solution you’re looking for.


Cuts down on harmful chemicals in the environment – Many people are concerned with the state of the environment in and around California. It’s bad enough dealing with smog and smoke, but you don’t have to add to it by winterizing your grass with additional bad chemicals. Lawn products often contaminate ground water. An artificial turf requires no chemicals to maintain it.


So, if you are interested in not having to spend all that time and money on winterizing your lawn, consider how artificial grass can give your home or business that lush look without all the stress. Heavenly Greens offers many types of natural looking turf that makes any winter yard look wonderful.

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