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Natural Grass And Winter Don't Always Mix


group of friends having a winter lawn party by the fire pitWinter is not your lawn’s prettiest look. Not if it’s natural grass, anyway. Inevitably, there are brown spots, with patches of bare soil. It if gets cold enough, the grass goes dormant and either gets muddy or resembles a field of straw. If the weather is milder, your grass may remain green but rain and lack of warm sunshine keep it from drying out. It’s a soggy mess. Natural grass and winter don’t mix well.

But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with an ugly lawn all winter. Simply follow the lead of savvy homeowners throughout the Bay Area, and install authentic-looking artificial grass instead. 

Fake Grass Is Better than the Real Thing

Heavenly Greens sells only superior quality artificial grass products. And we offer affordable, professional installation for our customers in the Bay area. As important as it is to invest in top quality turf, it takes top quality installation to assure you’ll get the performance and return on your investment that you expect.

What does that really mean? It means you can look forward to a lawn that is:

  • not affected by winter weather
  • always accessible
  • uniformly green and lush, without the bare or yellow spots
  • drains easily
  • clean
  • comfortable to walk and plan on
  • safe
  • affordable

Forget Winterizing Your Lawn

Artificial grass never require fertilizer treatments or other chemicals and all that folderol homeowners go through every fall to “winterize” their grass, hoping it will survive and look good come spring. Winter simply does not bother fake grass, or dim its beauty in any way. Even when winter brings cold temperatures and frost, artificial grass remains unaffected.

Ready for Play in Any Season

A dreary, dead yard does not invite family time. But what family wants to spend the entire fall and winter indoors, just because the grass is out of commission? That’s no fun. You want to get out there and play some football. Or play with the dog. Or even throw a mid-winter BBQ if the weather is pleasant. You need grass!

Artificial grass, that is. It’s always ready for fun. It even dries faster than natural grass, should a shower or two interrupt your outdoor action. That’s because properly installed fake grass “grows” atop a carefully constructed drainage system that directs moisture right back down into the soil. No puddles, no mud, no wasteful runoff. That’s good for the environment as well as your outdoor play time.

A Gorgeous Complement to Your Winter Garden

As much as we use our lawn as “recreation central,” we also expect our lawn to serve as the centerpiece of a lovely landscape. Good-looking grass gives our home a unique visual presence, especially when combined with drought-tolerant plants and functional or decorative hardscapes. However, it’s easy to overlook the opportunities of a winter garden when your lawn looks hopelessly bedraggled.

With artificial grass, it’s easy to feel motivated instead. That always-gorgeous grass begs for equally beautiful winter companion plantings. Shrubs with colorful berries or interesting bark or branch shapes. Evergreen herbs such as lavender and thyme. Or pint-sized conifer varieties. Just thinking about the possibilities makes you want to pull out the gardening books right now, doesn’t it?

Why Wait Any Longer?

Make this the last winter you have to be embarrassed by dead-looking, unusable grass. Or wonder if it will make a comeback in the spring? Call Heavenly Greens today for a quote on artificial lawn installation at your home.

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