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Top 5 Benefits of Artificial Grass

Top 5 Benefits of Artificial Grass http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/top-5-benefits-of-artificial-grass @heavenlygreensHomeowners are looking for convenient ways to improve the look of their home and increase its curb appeal and overall resale value. Artificial grass offers many options to homeowners who are looking to do something different with their lawn that won't harm the environment and will actually increase the value of the property.


Durability is one of artificial turf's main benefits. It can withstand the many faces of nature, from driving wind and rain to frigid temperatures. Artificial turf also works well in extremely hot, dry conditions that are often associated with lengthy droughts. Artificial turf and the infill materials that are used to stabilize it are extremely resistant to wear and tear. The material will not fray, rip or tear and can handle large volumes of foot traffic. Artificial turf is designed to withstand years of use with many brands guaranteeing their product for upwards of 20 years or longer.


Environmentally Sound

Artificial turf does not require any toxic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. To keep natural grass lawns looking pristine, homeowners often have to hire landscaping companies to come in and spray for weeds on a regular basis. The fertilizers that are used on natural grass lawns can produce run off that eventually makes its way to rivers, streams and ponds where it can cause algae to take over and kill fish and other types of wildlife that depend on the oxygen in the water for survival.


Low Maintenance

Artificial turf needs little to no maintenance. The only “maintenance” associated activity would be a slight rinsing of areas where pets tend to use the restroom. With no mowing, trimming or weed eating needed, there is also little use for lawnmowers, trimmers and other yard machines. There would be no need to change the oil, sharpen blades, replace weed eater string or make repairs of any kind. While it is still important to remove any lawn debris that may accumulate, there is little else to do that would fall under the category of lawn maintenance.

Investment Opportunity

Homeowners look for ways to invest in their property that provides maximum results. A metal roof, for example, will last several years without repairs or fear of damage from weather. Artificial turf offers the same type of guarantee. While there is little risk of damage from the weather, the turf will remain in place and looking its absolute best for many years. When the overall cost of the lawn is divided up over the span of years it will remain in place, the turf becomes extremely cost effective. If a homeowner plans on selling their home, artificial turf is often a great selling point.

Great for Areas with Water Restrictions

In areas like California where drought conditions are prevalent, artificial turf helps homeowners remain in compliance with their HOA guidelines as well as state mandated water use restrictions. City and state governments have implemented mandatory water saving measures to help in the conservation of water. In the beginning, HOA's prohibited the use of artificial turf. As drought conditions continued to worsen, more and more organizations began to allow their residents to use artificial turf to keep their lawns looking their best. Saving the state's precious water supply and helping homeowners maintain beautiful lawns became the priority, not the option.

Along with the above listed benefits, artificial turf can be used to surround pools and patios, cover benches or use for pathways. No matter how you choose to use it, it will last for several years and retain the look and feel of natural grass throughout its lifetime. The different uses of artificial turf are limitless if you have the creativity and time to explore all of the options.artificial turf facts

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