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Artificial Turf Articles

What Is Under Artificial Turf on Playgrounds?

Posted by Troy Scott on 22 June

Artificial turf has become a mainstay when resurfacing playgrounds and recreational areas. It requires very little maintenance and will not be damaged by extremely heavy foot traffic. Parents can be assured that their children will have a safe surface to play on without fear of having their clothes stained or damaged if they fall. Artificial turf has many different layers that work together to create a play area that looks and feels natural, as well as safe to play on.

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Shock Absorbent Artificial Turf Makes Playgrounds Safer

Posted by Troy Scott on 25 May

In years past, artificial turf was once blamed for injuries related to tripping or shoes getting caught up in the turf. Advancement in the manufacturing of the turf has changed all that. Today's turf does not pose the same problems or have the same risks as it did many years ago. New technology has allowed manufacturers to fine tune their product making it look and feel more like natural grass than ever before. Whether the turf is going to be used for a public playground or a recreational area for a home, the right type of infill should be used to increase the turf's ability to absorb shock as well as reduce the risk of tripping or falling.

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Skip the Mess in Children’s Play Areas with Synthetic Grass

Posted by Troy Scott on 09 June

Children have a knack for attracting scraped-up elbows, grass-stained knees and dirt all over themselves when they’re playing in the yard. From swing sets to forts to monkey bars to slides – not to mention climbing trees – they’re sure to get at least a little dirty if they’re having a good time outside. As parents, we get it. After all, we were all kids ourselves at one time.

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