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Artificial Turf Articles

Learn About The Power Broom For Artificial Turf

Posted by Troy Scott on 14 September


Now that you’ve invested in artificial turf to replace your problem-prone natural lawn, you want to keep that pretty faux grass looking its best. One thing you can do is to periodically use a stiff, natural-bristle broom to keep the blades from becoming flattened in high-traffic areas. But did you know you can also use a power broom on your artificial turf?

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What Makes Artificial Grass So Realistic?

Posted by Troy Scott on 21 December


One of the main selling points of artificial turf is that it looks and feels so realistic. When artificial turf was first being used in athletic stadiums, it was chosen because of its durability, texture, and its appearance. It allowed professional teams to play on a surface that was similar to natural grass but had the ability to be used indoors so teams could play at night. Several elements go into making artificial turf look and feel as real as possible. In many cases, it can take an up close and personal look to be able to determine whether or not a surface is artificial turf or real grass.


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What Are The Main Problems You Incur By Keeping A Natural Lawn

Posted by Troy Scott on 21 November


Many people are choosing to keep their natural grass lawns instead of switching to artificial turf or another type of ground cover. Homeowners often prefer the natural grass to the alternatives simply because they like to do perform the maintenance and enjoy working outside. For some, it is a normal part of home ownership. Those who choose to keep natural grass do face potential problems, however.

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Topics: synthetic turf, artificial turf

What Are The Benefits Of Synthetic Grass Tennis Courts

Posted by Troy Scott on 27 September


Synthetic grass tennis courts are becoming more and more popular, both with homeowners as well as with athletic fields and recreational venues. Homeowners want courts that are easy to care for but also ones that are as natural as possible to make play similar to grass. Recreational venues normally opt for synthetic grass because of its convenience and cost. It is extremely attractive financially when compared to the cost and maintenance of natural grass tennis courts. Synthetic grass tennis courts have several advantages compared to their natural grass counterparts. Learn about them below.

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Largest Home Ideas Site Asks, “Is it time to consider fake grass?”

Posted by Troy Scott on 25 October

Houzz.com, the largest database of home ideas on the Internet asks, “Is it time to consider fake grass?”

Wow, the design industry is sometimes so snobby about “faux,” we were kind of surprised to see this article (and the gorgeous photos that go along with it) on Houzz.com, the leading online platform for home remodeling and design. Based in Palo Alto, Houzz is a design juggernaut that appeals to professionals and homeowner alike for its stylish submissions and inspirational ideabooks. (Click for the Houzz galery)

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Pet Potty Problems; Fixed with a Synthetic Turf Dog Run

Posted by Jim Caruso on 24 July

Pets are lovable, fun and enjoyable additions to your family. But sometimes they can also create complications – especially with your yard.

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