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Transform Your Tenant Rooftop Into a Low Maintenance Green Area

tenant enjoying the newly done low maintanace green area rooftop at apartment

Tenants want amenities, inside their apartments and around the complex for communal use. As a property owner, you want to get maximum return on your investment. So consider this. Your rooftop is just sitting there doing nothing. It’s wasted space, really.  Yes, it protects the structure underneath from the elements, but it could be doing so much more.

Imagine the possibilities if you were to transform that useless space into a rooftop green space. Thanks to artificial grass, doing that is entirely feasible, because fake grass eliminates the problems associated with maintaining natural grass – especially on an elevated space such as a balcony or rooftop.


Your tenants will go wild

People will be clamoring to rent from you. Why? Because your place isn’t just another apartment complex with the usual pool and indoor clubhouse space, it’s cutting-edge. You have the usual plus better amenities – something different that tenants can really use and enjoy. Something they can’t find elsewhere.


So many ways to put your rooftop to practical use

Whatever people like to do outdoors in a residential setting, Heavenly Greens has an artificial grass for that. That means you can custom-design a green area for any size rooftop space, any configuration, and virtually any purpose.

What comes to mind first? Probably a rooftop garden. You can create an elevated “backyard,” complete with grassy lawn, surrounded by potted shrubs and flowers. Add some lounges and deck chairs, and you’ll have to take reservations! Tenants can hang out away from the splashing and noise around the pool, using the quiet to enjoy the view, read, work, or chat with friends.

But that’s just the beginning.

  • Add some colorful fabric sails or tables with umbrellas to offer shade from the midday sun.
  • Add a gas grill to your rooftop backyard, and make it a BBQ platform that will be the place to be on summer evenings and weekends.
  • Put away the chairs, add some small tables, and use it as a reception-style party space
  • Install a putting green. Oh, yeah, now we’re talking. Your tenants can say goodbye to driving to the driving range just to get in some putting practice. They can hit some balls after work or whenever they have a little time.
  • Install one or several bocce ball courts. Everyone loves bocce these days. Tenants that aren’t golfers can still play games or arrange informal rooftop tournaments.

Artificial grass is beautifully practical

No matter where you plant it, including up on the roof, fake grass drains like a dream. No worries about accumulated water and the problems it can cause. Furthermore, an artificial grass installation weighs next to nothing compared to wet sod and soil required to create a living rooftop lawn.

And it won’t add to your maintenance crew’s workload or headaches. Adding natural grass creates exponentially more work – endless mowing, trimming, feeding, pest prevention, etc. plus the cost of equipment, supplies, and water to keep it all going. Fake grass requires only the occasional rinse to ward off airborne dust, and perhaps a fluff with a stiff broom in a particularly high-traffic area. At ground level, artificial grass benefits from a quick sweet with a when leaves are falling, but chances are good you won’t collect many leaves on your roof.

Artificial grass pays for itself

Don’t you wish every upgrade you make around your property delivered like that? Top quality synthetic grass lasts for years and years. It’s tough and durable, yet gorgeous and inviting every day. Summer’s coming. Shouldn’t you be thinking about adding a rooftop green area to your property now?

benefits of artificial turf

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