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Artificial Lawn Maintenance


Artificial Lawn Maintenance http://www.heavenlygreens.com/artificial-grass-blog/bid/138265/artificial-lawn-maintenance @heavenlygreensAn artificial turf lawn will save you countless hours of time and frustration, not to mention expense, compared to maintaining a natural grass lawn. However, even faux grass isn’t entirely maintenance-free. You still have to perform a few tasks during the year to keep your grass looking fresh and “healthy.” But the to-do list is short, and the tasks pretty simple. 

Tidying up

Just like the rest of your yard, artificial turf may collect dust, fallen leaves, and other natural debris, especially during messy seasons like fall and spring. There are several easy ways to get rid of debris. Pick up the big pieces by hand. Then you can use an air blower to rid the lawn of smaller, loose debris. To remove debris that’s nestled into the grass, a push broom and rake work great. 

You can even use your shop vacuum on Heavenly Greens artificial lawns! Or you can go “high tech” with a power broom 

Pet follow-up

Pet mess is part of life, especially if your pet is a dog. With superior quality artificial grass from Heavenly Greens, you know your lawn will effectively resist stains and odor. Especially when it’s installed with our dog-appropriate infill. In fact, the majority of our clients are pet owners or own commercial pet facilities such as kennels and day cares. 

While pet waste will wash away like it does on normal grass once it rains, a quick rinse with the hose immediately after your dog makes his deposit will make the grass instantly fresh again. Rinsing is also a great way to quickly remove dust, pollen, or other tiny debris from your grass. 

Fluffing walkways

Over time, the blades of your artificial grass lawn can become flattened in high traffic areas. The same thing happens with live grass, but that’s where the similarity ends. High foot traffic actually damages and can even kill natural grass. Artificial grass merely needs a refreshing fluff and it’s upright once again. 

That’s easy to do. Simply use a push broom or rake periodically to keep those areas looking their best. (Or you can use that cool power broom, if you decided to buy one.) In fact, giving your entire lawn a brushing every three months or so will keep it in prime condition. 

Brushing not only returns individual blades to their full upright position, it stirs up and aerates the top layer of infill to refresh their support. That revives the buoyancy that can be lost over time under foot traffic, and it also helps release any airborne contaminants that can become trapped in the infill surface over time. 

Call on us

If you have a specific question about maintaining your artificial lawn, give us a call. At Heavenly Greens, our goal is to help you choose and install the best fake grass and get maximum enjoyment from it for years to come. 

Or here’s a great idea. You ditched your old natural grass lawn in favor of faux so you could say goodbye to lawn maintenance, right? Forget mowing, edging, fertilizing, thatching, aerating, killing pests and weeds, reseeding bare spots, etc. – repeat, repeat, repeat! You can even sidestep the miniscule maintenance requirements of your artificial grass, if you want, by treating yourself to one of our Heavenly Greens maintenance packages. 

Whether you rely on us or DIY these simple maintenance tasks, your gorgeous green and perfectly fluffed lawn will continue to deliver impressive curb appeal to passersby, and it will always be ready for play, no matter what your dogs and kids have in mind.

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