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Why Artificial Turf Instead of a Sod Lawn


Why Artificial Turf Instead Of A Sod Lawn http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/why-artificial-turf-instead-of-a-sod-lawn @heavenlygreensOne thing a sod lawn and artificial turf have in common is the ability to deliver instant gratification. You don’t have to wait around for weeks for grass seed to sprout, grow, and fill in before you get to see a lovely new lawn. Beyond the thrill of an immediately-beautified yard, though, artificial grass scores a big win over a sod lawn.



Artificial turf is not demanding

You don’t have to cater to its every desire, spending time and money on mowing, trimming, fertilizing, weeding, bug-killing, aerating, and reseeding. Yes, reseeding. Because even initially-perfect sod will develop thin or bare spots over time, thanks to normal wear and tear, pets, and whatever assortment of pesky wild critters populate your area. It’s a never-ending battle because it's a natural lawn.


Fake grass continues to look as gorgeous as it did on Day One, with minimal attention such as removing debris and a periodic rinse with the hose.


Artificial turf pays for itself, sod just keeps costing you money

All the activities required to maintain a beautifully lush natural lawn not only take up your time, they cost money, year in and year out. Plus, there are expenses for maintaining the equipment and tools you use on your lawn. And let’s not forget water. The drought may technically be over, but now the cost of water is higher than ever. The bottom line: a sod lawn costs more than you think.


Besides, it’s no longer socially acceptable – or environmentally sustainable – to endlessly water a lawn. Artificial turf costs more to install than a sod lawn. But in just a few short years it will pay for itself. And then continue to look great and deliver savings. A sod lawn is a perennial expense, and it will have to be replaced or significantly renewed every few years.


Artificial turf is clean

It’s officially fall now, and winter is just around the corner. That means inevitable muddy footprints and paw prints and soggy, leafy debris, all tracked in from your sod lawn. With a faux lawn, water drains through right away – no puddling, no mud, no mess making its way into your house.


Artificial turf is perfect for pets

If you have a dog, you know what he can do to a sod lawn. He runs rampant, chasing his favorite ball (or the kids). He does his thing on the grass, because he wants to. Maybe he’s a digger, too. It all adds up to a torn up lawn that looks a mess and creates more work for you.


Fake grass is a dog owner’s BFF. Urine drains right through, and it’s easier to pick up solid waste. A quick rinse, and your grass is clean. Dogs and kids can run around to their heart’s content, without damaging the grass. And even the most industrious dog can’t dig holes in artificial turf. (For that matter, neither can moles and gophers.)


Artificial turf boosts your home’s value

You’ll get more day-to-day enjoyment (aesthetically and functionally) from your fake grass lawn. But installing artificial grass has been shown to increase a home’s resale value, too. Curb appeal is the first thing that attracts a buyer, and who wouldn’t want to buy a home that comes with no lawn maintenance?


Artificial turf doesn't aggravate your grass allergies

Yes, amazingly enough, with a gorgeous artificial lawn instead of natural grassspewing grass pollen all over you and your family's clothing and fur babies coats, you'll find a certain amount of relief for your drippy, sore nose. 


Artificial turf is more versatile

With all the savings you get from an artificial turf lawn, you’ll have more time for play. Perhaps a family bocce tournament. Or some serious putting practice to give your golf game an “upswing.” Right in your own backyard, thanks to today’s specialized artificial turf. You can’t use sod for that.

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