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5 Tips To Increase Your Homes Value In California

In California, home values are extremely important. They can be easily affected by the exterior look of the home as well as the condition of the lawn. Homeowners can increase the value of their property by following a few simple tips. A few hours a week spent maintaining a home can be a dramatic investment that offers a huge return.


Adding landscaped areas to your home not only beautifies the property but can also help to reduce the amount of water needed to keep the area looking vibrant and green. Stone, statuary, drought tolerant, decorative plants and accent lighting can create focal points throughout the property that draw a person's attention. Homeowners who use landscaping can create almost any type of look for their property. Choosing the right type of plants and placing them appropriately will produce a visually appealing vista that can improve the look of any properly.


Small solar lights placed along sidewalks and pathways offer accent lighting and helps to prevent accidents. A security light or motion activated lights can help to deter burglars and other types of vandalism. Many insurance companies offer incentives for homeowners who install security lights that help to alert homeowners to possible predators. Lights can be placed around pools, landscaped areas and patios to create a subtle ambiance that is relaxing and peaceful.

Well Maintained Lawn

Keeping a lawn well maintained is the key to a beautiful property. Mowing, trimming and removing any lawn debris that accumulates are important in keeping a home's value high. When a property becomes overgrown or cluttered with uncared for plants, its overall value will drop. This can also reduce the property value of homes that are nearby. In California, drought conditions can make this difficult. Including drought tolerant grasses and watering according to the local area's lawn care schedule will help to conserve water and reduce the risk of fines or penalties. These are just a few of the reasons why many homeowners choose to install artificial turf instead of sod or maintaining a natural lawn.

Prompt Repairs

Over the years, a home will eventually begin to need minor repairs. Painting or replacing broken pieces of siding is helpful in keeping property value's high. Make sure all of the home's windows are in good working order and that the panes are unbroken. If a chip or crack appears, take the necessary steps to have it fixed. Replace light bulbs as they burn out and keep light fixtures in good working order. In California and surrounding states, minor earthquakes can cause concrete and brick to crack or break apart. Repairing cracks in sidewalks and concrete driveways can prevent them from getting worse over time. It will also reduce the risk of tripping or falling over loose pieces that can break off.

Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many homeowners who want to ensure that their home's value remains high. It requires little maintenance and allows homeowners spend their time doing other things. Artificial turf is considered a major investment because of its cost, but also because of the amount of money saved over its lifetime. In California, drought conditions limit the amount of water needed to maintain the property. Conditions have become so dire that many communities in California have enacted laws that prohibit “water wasting”. Tickets can be issued by law enforcement agencies to individuals who are caught watering their lawns or washing their cars during severe conditions.

In California, HOA's have strict requirements that must be observed to remain in compliance. Every homeowner plays a role in keeping property values high. Simple steps can increase a home's value and keep a home looking its very best. HOA requirements have been changed recently to account for special circumstances that involve drought conditions and artificial turf.

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