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What To Look For In An Artificial Turf Warranty


What To Look For In An Artificial Turf Warranty http://www.heavenlygreens.com/what-to-look-for-in-an-artificial-turf-warranty @heavenlygreensRecently we wrote an article about the affordability of artificial grass. There are a number of factors that affect affordability. Certainly initial cost is one of them, but durability is critical. The longer your artificial turf remains gorgeous and performs perfectly, the greater the return on your initial investment. A warranty is the manufacturer’s way of telling you how proud they are of their product.

A short-term, minimal, or vague warranty is likely saying the maker doesn’t have much faith that their faux grass will hold up. Conversely, a long and strong warranty says “quality you can count on.” Who wants to save money up front just to face disappointment and problems not so far down the road? You’re replacing your natural grass to get rid of headaches and hassles, yes? 

A superior warranty has your back

Superior artificial turf is so tough and durable, you may think you don’t even need a warranty. But we all know that even the best products sometimes aren’t perfect. So before you buy any artificial turf, look closely at the warranty. It should cover (but not be limited to) three key things:

  • Top quality artificial grass is designed to resist fading, even after many years of exposure to the elements. Lesser quality products? Not so much.
  • Grass that stains or bleaches is no good. Here at Heavenly Greens, we’ve tried again and again to stain or discolor the artificial turf products we sell, and we’re delighted to report complete failure.
  • Along with workmanship, the materials that go into your artificial turf directly affect the final product’s quality. If the warranty doesn’t cover materials, you have to wonder why not. 

In fact, if the warranty doesn’t cover all three of these issues, we recommend you look elsewhere. Because even cheap fake grass isn’t cheap. And if the turf you choose cannot live up to your aesthetic and performance expectations, you will have spent money for nothing. 

Heavenly Greens product warranties run from 8 to 15 years, depending on the specific type of turf you select. Our warranties not only cover the three key issues discussed above, they include a lengthy itemization of other issues that are covered. 

Reading the warranty that comes with your prospective artificial turf may not sound like fun, but this is no time to make assumptions. You don’t want any surprises later on. If you have a problem, a vague warranty will be difficult or impossible to pin down, likely leaving you out in the cold, on your own. 

Life happens

Even the finest warranty won’t cover accidents that happen to your faux grass once it’s installed. And careful as we know you will be, sometimes things go wrong. A hot coal escapes from your barbeque or fire pit and melts a hole in the turf. Or the neighborhood prankster tears up a corner of your lawn. Our Heavenly Greens team is here to help, with advice and repairs that will have your grass looking perfect once more. 

Meanwhile, you can take a few simple steps to ensure your artificial grass remains in prime condition. Maintenance is easy – not much different than sweeping your sidewalks and driveway to keep your home or commercial property looking trim and inviting. Our Maintenance Guide explains everything you need to know. 

And if you’ve purchased your artificial turf from Heavenly Greens, you can rest assured that if you ever do have a problem, your grass is backed by a superior warranty and our Customer Service pros are here to help.

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