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What’s the Best Surface for Artificial Grass and Why



When we say today’s artificial grass is versatile, we mean in every way. So, if you’ve been wondering about the best surface for installing artificial grass, we have an easy answer for you: you can put it anywhere!

That said, there are some things you should know about different surfaces, because how we install artificial grass does depend on how and where you plan to use it. For craft projects, you can easily apply the material yourself. But when long-term looks and functional performance matter, professional installation is a must.

On the ground

Soil is the most obvious surface for artificial grass. After all, the most common uses for synthetic turf are sports fields, playgrounds, and lawns. While sports fields are always level, lawns and recreational areas may feature undulating terrain. That’s not a problem for fake grass, because our professional installation crew uses a multi-layer approach to ground preparation. This extensive foundational work assures trouble-free performance for years to come. Artificial grass can even be used on steeper surfaces to help prevent erosion.

It also provides the ideal surface for specialized ground-based play areas. At Heavenly Greens, we offer top-quality products for underneath your children’s play structure, your dog’s outdoor run, bocce ball courts and backyard putting greens.

Over hardscapes

Tired of maintaining your deck? Cover it over with artificial grass instead. Talk about an entirely new look! You can also use it to upgrade other wooden surfaces such as picnic benches (and the table-top, too) and built-in landscape seating. Be sure the wood is well-sealed first, so moisture that drains through the grass can easily run off.

Synthetic grass can be installed over surfaces such as bricks and pavers. Because these are often uneven, we recommend installing a thin padding under the artificial grass. That will smooth the surface and protect the grass from wearing unevenly. Another nice walkway treatment is to leave the bricks or pavers in place but intersperse or frame them with strips or artificial grass.

Concrete? Yes! Artificial grass is prettier, softer, and won’t ever crack or break into chunks. So it’s the perfect cover-up for boring patios, pool surrounds, walkways -- even your driveway when coupled with permeable pavers. We use an adhesive to install artificial grass on concrete and similar surfaces.

Elevated surfaces

Since artificial grass doesn’t require soil, you can go up as well as over. Add color and barefoot-friendly texture to your balcony. Or your roof. Rooftop gardens and recreation spaces are more popular than ever, and artificial grass is the surface of choice. It’s much lighter and more durable than natural grass, and requires virtually no maintenance.

Crafts and indoor surfaces

Artificial grass can take the place of carpet to spruce up your basement, man cave, sun room or kids’ bedrooms. You can put it on the walls and ceiling, too. Cut it into shapes to use a rugs or decorations. Make it into oversize pillows for seating. Glue it to plastic or your resin lawn chairs.

So many surfaces, so many choices

Whatever surface you choose to cover, you’ll want to right grass for the job. So keep in mind that not all artificial turf is the same. Products vary significantly in quality and, therefore, life expectancy. That’s actually good news, because a cheap grass material from your local box store is just the thing for craft projects and other “lightweight” uses.

For lawns and other outdoor high-value uses, you’ll need not only the best quality grass but a product made specifically for your type of project. That’s why we offer dozens of different artificial grass options at Heavenly Greens. Come visit our showroom and see for yourself!


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