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Not All Artificial Grass Is Created Equal


Synthetic lawn and the different types of artificial grassEverybody knows that modern artificial grass has progressed light years beyond its origin as AstroTurf. Even though it is astronomically better, though, that doesn’t mean today’s fake grass is all the same. Not all artificial grass is equally good-looking, or equally long-lasting. In some ways, that’s OK, because different products are not intended to look or perform the same.

So how do you know whether the artificial grass you’re considering is a good choice for your application? And how can you tell a superior product from a mediocre one?

Let’s Talk about Quality

That old saying “you get what you pay for” applies to artificial grass in a big way. In this case, quality comes from the materials used to manufacture the grass as well as the infill used to keep the blades upright and fluffy. Working together, the blades and infill create the product’s appearance and performance characteristics. Today’s fake grass is made from one of three materials:

  • Nylon, which produces blades that are stiff and strong. Nylon blades perform well on harsh, high-traffic conditions such as sports fields. This is the most expensive material.
  • Polypropylene, which is finer and looks more like real grass, but isn’t very resilient or durable compared to other materials. On the other hand, this material makes an excellent putting green turf.
  • Polyethylene, the most advanced material. This one looks and feels like the real deal, so homeowners love it for lawns and other outdoor living areas.

Manufacturers sometimes combine these materials to get the best of both. For example, adding nylon as a secondary thatch with polyethylene blades produces a surface that is excellent for sports play.

When it comes to infill, there are even more options, each with its own traits that contribute to the look and performance of the grass. Some are made from natural ingredients such as ground walnut shells or silica sand, others are made-made. Your installation might include:

  • Crumb rubber
  • EnviroFill
  • Shell Tech
  • Zeofill
  • Durafill

Ask about the warranty, because superior products come with superior back-up. Manufacturers can afford to offer that, because they have confidence in their own materials and workmanship. Consider the length of the warranty and also exactly what it covers, should anything go wrong. Keep in mind that top-quality artificial grass is designed to prevent problems such as fading and stains.

Let’s Talk about Applications

How will you use your artificial grass?

  • Traditional lawn?
  • Custom-designed backyard putting green, bocce court, or tennis court?
  • Underneath your kids’ play structure? To give your dog a play-and-potty space of his own?
  • Sports field?
  • Intermingled with permeable pavers for a sustainable driveway or walkways?
  • On your balcony or roof?

The possibilities are endless. Whatever your purpose, there’s an artificial grass for that – designed to provide just-right footing and safety as well as durability and enduring beauty. Who knew there are now so many different styles of artificial grass?

Let’s Talk about Looks

Natural grass that is used for lawns does not all look the same. Blades have different shapes, and color differs from one variety to another. You don’t want to install something that looks strangely out of place. That’s why manufacturers now create products that give you a choice of color as well a style of grass. 

It’s enough to make your head spin. No reason to get dizzy, though. Our Heavenly Greens team of experts is here to help you navigate smoothly and successfully through all things artificial grass. You’ll be glad that not all fake grass is created equal, because you’ll be able to select a product that precisely matches the quality, performance, and look you want.


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