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Why Artificial Grass Is Good For Your Yard


Why Artificial Grass Is Good For Your Yard http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/why-artificial-grass-is-good-for-your-yard @heavenlygreensArtificial grass is good stuff. It looks good, and it feels good. It’s even good for your yard. And by “yard,” we mean the whole enchilada. Not only your lawn, but play areas for the kids and dogs, pool surrounds, walkways, play areas for adults such as bocce ball courts and putting greens. You can even use fake grass to create a garden on your balcony or rooftop. Talk about versatility!



Looks matter

When it comes to people, we try not to judge by appearances. We remind ourselves that beauty is only skin-deep. When it comes to your yard, though, appearances are everything. We all want a home that is as attractive and comfortable outdoors as it is inside. We like grass because it’s both pretty and functional.


But the reality is, natural grass is a pain in the backside. The typical homeowner spends about 150 hours a year in an endless cycle of mowing, trimming, weeding, fertilizing, re-seeding – usually with results that aren’t particularly good. With artificial grass, you get results that are far better than good, without the work.


Artificial grass is good for more than your yard

The superior quality synthetic turf products we sell here at Heavenly Greens are safer and healthier than natural grass – for your family, pets, and the environment. No built-in allergens or toxins, no dangerous chemicals to add. Safer, healthier grass inspires confidence to play more outdoors. And as important as grassy good looks may be, most people like to use their yard as well as enjoy the view.


Faux grass even drains more efficiently than the real thing. That’s another plus for the environment because rain is directed down into the soil where it can do good things, rather than running off down the gutter and into some storm drain. Fast-draining grass that dries quickly is just the ticket for year-round outdoor play. Especially if it isn’t even slippery when it gets wet. Slipping on wet grass causes injuries, and natural grass is one of your yard’s greatest sources of mud and debris that get tracked into the house. With artificial grass, it’s all good.


A good-looking yard boosts your home’s value

As a homeowner, you get a daily rush of pride when you look at your beautiful yard. It’s so inviting. You’re glad you live here. But one day you may want to sell your home. Happily, the day-to-day curb appeal you enjoy will also appeal to future potential buyers. A fixer-upper yard deflates the visual and financial value of your entire home, but artificial grass says “quality, attention to detail, and well cared for.”


So we’ll tell you what’s good . . . less work, and more yard! And thanks to artificial grass, you can have both.


The thing is, you might be able to excuse some of the downsides to natural grass, if only your lawn looked as great as it should. But it doesn’t, does it? Your constant “blade warfare” takes up a lot of time and money (and emotional energy), and your yard still looks like the “before” picture. It’s time to face the fact that the only way you’ll ever achieve that gorgeous grass of your dreams is by installing the faux kind.


In doing that, you’ll achieve all the other “goodnesses” that come with getting rid of your natural grass. Good for you!

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