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Why Pet Facilities Are Changing To Artificial Turf

Why Pet Facilities Are Changing To Artificial Turf http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/why-pet-facilities-are-changing-to-artificial-turf @heavenlygreensPet facilities like dog kennels and training centers are always looking for ways to save money and reduce operating costs. Lawn care and maintenance, especially at an outdoor facility can be quite costly. The amount of time spent caring for a large, wide open natural grass arena can take time away from the business at hand. One way to save both time and money is to convert natural grass to artificial turf. Artificial turf is basically maintenance free and eliminates the need to spend countless hours mowing and trimming around obstacles and out buildings.

Less Maintenance

It's common knowledge that artificial turf requires little to no regular maintenance. When it comes to a pet facility, however, other things come into play. Animals tend to run and play along certain paths. Excessive traffic in those areas can lead to natural grass being worn away or damaged. This can lead to down time if the area has to continually be re-seeded and fertilized. Artificial turf is designed to withstand constant foot traffic and will not fray or become damaged if an animal attempts to dig or scratch at the surface.

Easier to Keep Clean

Pet facilities that have installed artificial turf are much easier to keep clean and germ free. Artificial turf is manufactured using materials that contain an anti-microbial silver that helps eliminate germs that cause odor and can lead to infection. To clean the area, simply spray the area with a garden hose to rinse away any urine or feces that will inevitably be deposited. Removing the bulk of feces as it appears is important to prevent dogs and owners from tracking it throughout the facility. Hosing down the area will get rid of anything that is left behind. Leaf blowers or lawn vacuums can also be used to pick up dog or cat hair that may be shed.

Looks and Feels Natural

Artificial turf looks and feels like natural grass making animals more comfortable. Animals that are kept in natural grass areas often get dirt or dried grass matted in their coats. With artificial turf, there is no loose dirt, dried grass or other lawn debris to attach to their fur. They can run, roll and frolic to their heart's content without the owner worrying about them dragging in half of the yard when they are finished. While most owners brush or tend to their pets' coat on a regular basis, artificial turf eliminates the need for the owner to brush or pick through their fur every time they enter the facility or their home.

Won't Fade or Stain

Many animals, dogs especially, tend to use the same area over and over when it comes to relieving themselves. Certain elements in urine and feces can actually cause natural grass to turn brown and eventually die if not removed. Most brands of artificial turf will not fade or stain if exposed to animal waste. A simple rinsing will remove any urine and fecal residue and allow it to drain away without every leaving a trace. Artificial turf also holds its color in direct sunlight and will not fade during extreme droughts or severe weather conditions.

While many pet facilities choose artificial turf for its cost effectiveness and durability, they also consider it because the animals are comfortable with it. Natural grass is nice, but the time and money it takes to keep it adequately maintained and professional looking can be a huge drain on a facility's operating budget. Making the choice to convert from natural grass to artificial turf is an easy one, once all of the options are taken into consideration.

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