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Will My Pets Destroy Artificial Turf?

Pet laying on artificial grassAny homeowner who is considering switching to artificial turf wants to know how it will hold up, especially if your household includes pets. Dogs can be extremely hard on natural grass lawns. Constant paw traffic from “running a path” and pushing off to catch a ball or Frisbee can result in worn areas. They produce puddles when it rains and will eventually become bare over time if not frequently re-seeded.

Dog urine can yellow or even kill natural grass, too. And if your dear dog is a digger, well, you know.

Artificial Grass Eliminates These Problems

Pets – even yours -- cannot destroy synthetic turf. Instead of unsightly spots and other damage that requires constant repair, you get a lush low-maintenance lawn that remains green and vibrant no matter what the season. Almost makes you want to get another dog.

Scratching and Digging

We do have to admit that installing artificial turf will be a major disappointment if your dog does love to scratch and dig. The nylon/polypropylene fibers used to create the mesh backing and blades of artificial grass are extremely resilient. They’re more than a match for even the most industrious dog, so if your pup continues to try digging he won’t damage the turf.

On the other hand, teaching him to expend his energy in some other way will keep him from moving into your flower beds to dig. While he’s learning a new, more appropriate trick, you may have to replace some infill material that becomes dislodged. This won’t be a big deal, though it depends on the type and thickness of the filler that is used.

Pet Waste

People with pets have to deal with pet waste. It’s not fun, but it’s a fact of life. Urine and feces can discolor and eventually kill natural grass leaving large bare spots. Left to accumulate, pet waste gets moldy and, let’s face it, it stinks. With artificial grass, you still have to pick up after your pet, but if you do that right away and rinse the area with a little water, it’s all good. Urine and water drain right through, and the grass dries quickly.

Most brands of synthetic turf contain an anti-bacterial agent that further helps to reduce odors and control contamination. It’s also nice to know that it is almost impossible to stain artificial grass. (We’ve tested that here at Heavenly Greens, and so far we have been unsuccessful.) So while we recommend rinsing away pet waste as soon as possible, you can be confident your dog’s urine won’t stain the grass in the meantime.

Daily Doggie Activities

Both children and pets can wreak havoc on a lawn. Constant foot traffic and laying or sitting on the grass can eventually squash down the blades. It takes some time for natural grass to recover. Artificial grass, however, springs right back when you brush it with a soft-tined rake or stiff broom. Your grass is looking great and ready for new rounds of play.

Artificial Turf Is both Resilient and Long-Lasting

It is scientifically formulated to withstand whatever your pets, kids, and the weather can throw its way. It will look as fluffy and inviting years from now as it does the day you install it. So, go ahead, get that second (or third) dog. Teach them to fetch and catch. Let them play on the lawn, or build them their own doggie play space, floored with artificial grass.

With synthetic turf, you’ll never have to worry about pets destroying your grass. Even better, since you won’t be spending every waking moment grooming the grass, you’ll have time to enjoy it yourself, too.

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